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Rogue T-2.5KG Technique Bar

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Rogue T-2.5KG Technique Bar

The Rogue T-2.5kg Technique Bar is the perfect choice for a light weightlifting bar designed to improve your form and technical lift techniques. Built with strength and durability in mind, this bar is made with a 28.5MM shaft diameter and exhibits a whip action essential for improving your snatches and cleans. The knurling is a single IWF-style design, giving you a coarse grip surface created to keep your hands in place during your lifts. As for the finish, this bar is coated in a hard chrome, which adds a layer of protection for the shaft as well outlining a professional look. In addition, it features 10 bearing sleeves that roll smoothly as you lift and help minimize stop-start motion as you transition through your lifts. This makes it ideal for Olympic and weightlifting movements providing a focused and effective technique during your lifts. Furthermore, it’s manufactured with a tensile strength rating of 185,000 PSI and comes with a lifetime warranty, making it the perfect choice for anyone who values quality and performance. With a total length of 79” and weighing only 2.5kg, you’ll be able to handle manageable weights in a comfortable and controlled manner. All of this comes packaged in a box ready for easy transportation and storage.

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Pros & Cons


• Specially-engineered shaft and bearings for optimized bar whip, spin, and stability

• Raised customer ridges and high-density composite bushings for a secure grip

• Thin and light weighting for advanced technique training

• Modeled after bars used by professional and Olympic weightlifters

• Made from high quality, super strong steel


• Priced higher than most technique training bars

• Only available as 2.5 kg weight

• Not optimized for heavy lifting

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Athletes looking to add variation to their workouts

• Weightlifters looking for exercises focusing on proper form and technique

• Individuals starting out in weightlifting

Who Should Not Buy:

• Experienced weightlifters looking for heavyweight bars

• Those not looking for a bar that emphasizes form and technique


- Material: 20L steel

- Knurling: Dual knurl marks for olympic & powerlifting

- Weight: 2.5kg (5.5lb)

- Length: 160cm (63")

- Diameter: 25mm (1")

- Bearing: Bushing

- Tensile Strength: 186,000 PSI

- Finish: Black Zinc + Bright Zinc Sleeves

- Whip: Moderate

- Knurl: Aggressive

Rogue Rogue T-2.5KG Technique BarX Training Equipment Olympic Men's BarCAP Barbell Olympic Trap BarBest Fitness Olympic Tricep Bar
Bar Length75.5"86.6"60"56"
Loadable Sleeve Length10.25"15"10"7"
KnurlingNoOlympic KnurlingOlympic KnurlingOlympic Knurling
FinishManganese PhosphateBlack oxideHard ChromeChrome
Weight2.5KG (5.5LB)20KG (44LB)10KG (22LB)3KG (6.6LB)

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