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Rogue Tombstone Strongman Sandbags

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Rogue Tombstone Strongman Sandbags

The Rogue Tombstone Strongman Sandbag is a versatile and durable piece of workout equipment specifically designed to enhance performance and stimulate functional strength. Constructed with heavy-duty 1000D MIL-Spec materials, this sandbag boasts extreme strength and durability - ideal for any surrounding. The Rogue Tombstone Sandbag offers four unique shapes and sizes – ranging from 10lbs to 40lbs – to do a variety of lifts, squats, and maneuvers. Inside is a hidden compartment allowing the bag to be filled with sand or other materials for increased weight resistance. The two heavy-duty handles on either side of the bag are constructed from military-grade Nylon webbing to ensure an easy hold and a secure non-slip grip, and neoprene padding on the shoulder straps offer comfortable carry without sacrificing lift performance. Whether you’re working out in a CrossFit gym or using it during outdoor adventures, the Rogue Tombstone Sandbag is designed to withstand a range of conditions. Its military-spec ripstop fabric is waterproof and tear-proof and can withstand all your strength-training needs. This sandbag is a great way to add versatility to your workout routine and to keep your gains steady.

  • Rogue Tombstone Strongman Sandbags - 150LB

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  • Rogue Tombstone Strongman Sandbags - 200LB

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Pros & Cons


• Cushioned grip handles tucked inside the sandbag for secure handling

• Internal straps act as a barrier against unwanted spillage

• Offers a variety of sizes to accommodate user preferences

• Appropriate for both outdoor and indoor use

• Ideal for strength-training exercises like squat, clean and press, and more

• Easy to store and transport


• More expensive than many other sandbags on the market

• Prone to tearing or becoming damaged when exposed to abrasive surfaces

• Sand may need to be replenished after extended periods of use

• Limited color selection

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy

• Athletes looking to develop overall body strength

• Athletes looking to train for strongman competitions

• Athletes looking to hit PRs in various lifts

Who Should Not Buy

• Beginner athletes just starting to workout

• People intending to use the bag for cardiovascular exercise only


•Large – 30’’L x 14’’W, filled with 140 lbs of sand

•Heavy Duty construction, Double Stitching & industrial grade webbing

•Internal baffles to stop weight shifting

•Extra Heavy Duty handle and side straps

•Lifetime Guarantee on all craftsmanship

530LBFabricated NylonTombstone
40-120LBPolyesterReinforced Strap

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