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Rogue USA Spring Collars

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Rogue USA Spring Collars

Rogue USA Spring Collars are a high quality set of barbell collars designed to securely and tightly clamp onto Olympic-sized barbells. Each of the collars is constructed with an extra rigid solid steel frame, combined with a hardened spring-loaded release system which ensures an incredibly tight hold on the barbell's sleeve. This ensures that heavy Olympic lifts can be safely and securely performed without any slippage or loosening of the bars. At only 10.9oz each, the Rogue USA Spring Collars are light weight yet still incredibly strong. The frame of each collar is coated with a black oxide finish which provides additional protection against scratches or damage, while the robust bolt and nut design ensures the collar will stay secure and tightly fitted even after multiple uses. The internal clamp-style pressure release system helps keep the barbell technically sized to the same diameter across the whole of the collar, ensuring complete uniformity throughout your Olympic lifts. The Rogue USA Spring Collars are suitable for Rogue's range of Olympic-sized barbells, as well as other similarly sized barbells from other brands. They are an excellent choice for any athlete looking for a secure and reliable companion for their Olympic lifts, and will make a great addition to any serious athlete's gym set up.


Pros & Cons


• Ergonomically designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

• Runners and weightlifters alike can use without need for a belt.

• Durable and made with stainless steel quick-release levers that secure plates safely.

• Lightweight and fits most olympic barbells.

• Very affordable.


• Not suitable for use with small-diameter barbells.

• Lever release can become difficult to move over time.

• Can be difficult to remove from the barbell after use due to their tight fit.

• Not compatible with specialty barbells.

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those looking for a secure way to safely attach plates to their barbells

• People who want to improve their weightlifting angles for better gains

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who are looking for a cheap option

• Those who do not need USA spring collars specifically


• Made of durable and lightweight hard-wearing fiberglass polymer

• Heavy-duty stainless steel clips

• Quick-release ratings of 1,000 pound capacity

• Magnetic locking system provides more secure fit

• Soft inner lining to protect bar knurling

• Color: Red

Rogue USA Spring Collars4.6ozOne SizeDurable
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Python Quick Draws4.6ozOne SizeHeavy Duty
Kluson Pro-Lock Quick Release Collars3.5ozOne SizeHeavy Duty
Fitness Avenues 8 inch Olympic Collar5ozOne SizeDurable

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