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Rogue Wall Mount Foam Roller Storage

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Rogue Wall Mount Foam Roller Storage

-holder The Rogue Wall Mount Foam Roller Storage Holder is designed to help organize and declutter any home or gym training space. This wall-mounted storage option securely attaches to the wall and creates a convenient home for your foam rollers. Made from a heavy gauge steel, the wall mount accommodates up to four foam rollers in a hollow design for easy access. The press-fit design requires no additional hardware for installation, which allows for quick, easy setup and removal. This package includes wall-mounting hardware for a secure installation, plus four foam roller inserts for convenience. The contemporary design and adjustable mounts ensure that the holder can fit perfectly into any gym or rogue room. This holder is ideal for any athlete seeking an organized storage space for their foam rollers. It's a great option to keep your foam rollers neat and easily accessible.


Pros & Cons


• Saves space in your gym or home and allows for easy access to your foam rollers

• All-steel Construction for long-term durability

• Can store up to six foam rollers of different sizes

• Low-profile design to lay closer to the wall

• Multiple mounting options available, including keyhole mounting and stud/board mounting


• Not suitable for porous walls, as mounting hardware can leave holes

• Limited mounting options, as it is only wall-mountable

• Foam rollers may not fit all sizes due to the narrow design of the slots

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

•Convenient wall mounted storage that helps to organize workout area

•Easy access to foam rollers, saving time during workouts

•High quality steel construction ensures long lasting strength

•Cushioned cups protect foam rollers from damage

Should Not Buy:

•Those who do not need storage for foam rollers

•Those who may not have wall space to accommodate the wall mount

•Those with little to no knowledge of wall mounting


-Holds up to 20 foam rollers (or more)

-Laser-cut 3/16" steel construction

-Fully open back for easy access

-Height adjustable from 18" to 27""

-Width of the wall mount: 12.25"

-Depth of the wall mount: 5.5"

-5/16" holes for mounting

-Recessed mounting hardware included

-Finish: Black Texture Powdercoat

ProductMaterial TypeWeightSize
Rogue Rogue Wall Mount Foam Roller StorageSteel2.5lbs18” x 10.5” x 5”
AirPro Wall Mount Foam Roller StoragePlastic1.5lbs17” x 10.5” x 4.75”
CAP Barbell Wall Mount Foam Roller StorageMetal3.25 lbs17” x 11.25” x 5”
Aeromat Wall Mount Foam StoragePlastic2 lbs17.2” x 11.4 x 5.5”
SPRI Wall Mount Foam Roller StorageMetal3 lbs17” x 10” x 5”

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