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Rogue War Bar

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Rogue War Bar

-2-0 The Rogue War Bar 2.0 is the next level in weightlifting bars. This bar is a hybrid of the popular Swiss and Ohio bars, combining the stiff and crisp feel of the Swiss bar with the forgiving knurling and whip of the Ohio Bar. With a finer knurl than the original Rogue War Bar and an improved cylinder shape to reduce rattle, the Rogue War Bar 2.0 is designed to provide a smooth, consistent barbell experience. The bar itself is made with a 28.5 mm shaft, 190K tensile stainless steel material with medium to aggressive knurling to provide a secure grip. This allows for an increased range of exercises and workouts with the added benefit of reduced stress and strain on the body. The dynamic bronze bushings rotate with the barbell ensuring a smooth, efficient performance, while the dual knurl markings allow for an easily adjustable hand position depending on the workout. The Rogue War Bar 2.0 is extremely durable, with a lifetime warranty to back it up. It's also compatible with all standard weight plates, making it an ideal choice for any weightlifting routine. Whether you're an experienced lifter or just starting out, the Rogue War Bar 2.0 provides the perfect combination of quality and performance.

  • Rogue WAR Bar - Single

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  • Rogue WAR Bar - 5 Bar Set

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  • Rogue WAR Bar - 10 Bar Set

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  • Rogue WAR Bar - 20 Bar Set

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  • Rogue WAR Bar - 50 Bar Set

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Pros & Cons


• Lighter weight and lower price tag than other professional grade bars

• Steel shaft Construction ensures durability

• Highest quality construction for use in Olympic lifting

• Bushing system for smooth rotation

• Grooved sleeve surface for better grip

• Dual knurl marks for different using preferences

• Lifetime warranty from Rogue Fitness


• Not as much snap and whip as premium bars

• Center knurl is not as aggressive as other professional bars

• Only comes in one color

• Limited availability to order online

Who Should Buy

Who should buy the Rogue War Bar:

• Weightlifters looking for a high-quality barbell that can deliver a consistent performance

• Fitness enthusiasts or athletes who need a barbell to strengthen their workout

• Power lifters or CrossFitters looking to lift heavy weights

Who should not buy the Rogue War Bar:

• Beginners who don't need the advanced features of a high-performance barbell

• People who need a barbell for recreational use only

• Anyone on a tight budget who would prefer an entry-level barbell


-31 LB steel barbell

-Black zinc-plated sleeve and shaft

-Approximately 23.25" of sleeves length

-Steel collars included

-54,000 PSI tensile strength

-Tested up to 600LB max load capacity

-Metric and Imperial markings for easy weight measurement

-Coated in Black Zinc oxidation with matte finish

-Item Dimensions:1020MM(L)x31MM (Dia)

Rogue Rogue War BarSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
32MM diameter32MM diameter25mm diameter28mm diameter
210,000 PSI tensile strength210,000 PSI tensile strength175,000 PSI tensile strength195,000 PSI tensile strength
Machined knurlingMachined knurlingDiamond knurlingAggressive knurling
Flanges and center knurlFlanges and center knurlFlanges onlyNo knurling
cerakote gunmetal finishcerakote gunmetal finishBlack powder-coated finishBright zinc plated finish

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