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Rogue 25MM Women's Training Bar

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Rogue 25MM Women's Training Bar

-0654 ROGUE Women's 25MM Training Bar is a well-crafted weightlifting bar designed for women. Made specifically for female athletes needing an effective bar with a smaller diameter, this bar is 25MM (1”) to account for the smaller size and width of a women's hands. Constructed from 190 KSI Steel, this bar has an impressive tensile strength of 190,000 PSI, making it ideal for intense weightlifting applications. The bar also features dual composite bushings, increasing spin and decreasing binding while in motion, allowing for even wear and avoiding the need for regular maintenance. For additional stability and comfort, the bar also includes center knurl, ensuring the bar doesn't move around in your hands. Comfortable and durable, the bar is finished with a black manganese phosphate coating, which provides a chemical and abrasion resistant finish while also helping to prevent oxidation. Designed to meet IWF specifications, this is a great option for athletes needing a quality weightlifting bar who may also be on a budget. Whether you're looking for a bar for personal use at home or are a professional athlete, this bar is an excellent choice.

  • Rogue 25MM Women's Training Bar

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Pros & Cons


• Made of high-quality steel to provide durability and performance

• Features 25mm diameter shaft for a comfortable and secure grip

• Center knurling is Considered medium for enhanced grip and control

• Includes snap ring and bronze bushings for smooth spin rotation

• Directly tested and certified by UT-Arlington


• Not approved by International Powerlifting Federation

• Most affordable barbell from Rogue Fitness for those with a tight budget

• Can only be purchased online; not available in stores

• Includes single knurling style

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Amateur athletes looking to improve their strength and technique

• Gym owners looking to expand their gym's equipment

• Fitness enthusiasts looking for a quality, sustainable barbell

Who Should Not Buy:

• Someone who does not have adequate space to store the barbell

• Someone who does not have the budget for a high-quality barbell

• Someone who is looking for a barbell for competition use


- 25mm diameter with a black zinc shaft

- 185,000 PSI tensile strength steel

- "Firm" knurling

- 158,000 PSI tensile strength brass bushings

- Black rubber endcaps with laser-etched Rogue logos

Rogue 25MM Women's Training BarSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
Length2200 mm (7'3")2000mm (6'7")1800mm (6")2000mm (7'7")
Weight20 kg (44 lbs)20kg (44 lbs)17kg (38 lbs)19kg (42 lbs)
Tensile Strength190k PSI200k PSI190k PSI180k PSI
KnurlingDual knurl marks that meet IWF specsDual knurl marks that meet IWF specsDual knurl marks that meet IWF specsAggressive knurl with center knurl

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