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RooGrips 3 Hole Hand Grips - Pebble Grain

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RooGrips 3 Hole Hand Grips - Pebble Grain

Rogue Grips’ 3 Holes Hand Grips are hand grips featuring a gritty, texturized pebble grain leather surface to ensure a secure and sure grip in any setting. These hand grips are designed to not only be a trustworthy grip to prevent slipping, but also provide a comfortable, natural feeling. The holes in the grip are strategically placed to follow the natural shape of your hands when gripping to give a comfortable, contoured feel that allows the user to go beyond their limit when doing pull-ups or any other gym or functional fitness exercise. The grips are made of top-of-the-line material and manufactured to last a long time without any premature wear and tear. The solid construction of the grips adds an extra layer of protection from tears or fraying. Additionally, these grips are made with a slightly curved shape that conform to the natural shape of your hands, allowing for maximum contact with the grips and making sure that the grips don’t become loose or slip off in the middle of a set. These feature a stainless steel buckle closure that is not only adjustable, but also extra secure and reliable, while the rugged material allows the user to easily adjust the level of tightness they need to ensure the grips remain secure and in place. The thickness of these grips allows for more durable use and ensures less palm sweat, allowing for a more secure and comfortable grip even in the most demanding of situations. The textured finish on these grips is designed to help with both grip and comfort, so you can focus on the exercise instead of worrying about slipping or sliding. Overall, Rogue Grips’ 3 Holes Hand Grips are a perfect addition to any gym or functional fitness equipment. With their durable construction and textured, comfortable finish, these grips provide an extra level of security and comfort, allowing users to max out their workouts and push past their limits.

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  • RooGrips 3 Hole Hand Grips - Pebble Grain - M

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Pros & Cons


• Ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and grip

• Three-hole design allows for easy adjustments and maximum grip

• Durable Pebble Grain leather Construction

• Made right here in the USA by Rogue


• May not fit hands of all sizes

• May be too thin for some users

• Limited color options

• Only one type available

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy This:

• People who are looking to increase their grip strength

• Individuals who want to enhance their grip in their chosen sport (crossfit, powerlifting, rock climbing, weightlifting, etc.)

• Crossfitters who need a durable and comfortable grip during handstand push ups, ring dips and pull-ups

Who Should Not Buy This:

• Individuals who do not need a specific grip strength

• Individuals who prefer to use alternative tools for grip exercises such as fat gripz

• People who are looking for a grippier version than this product currently offers


-Constructed with high quality pebble grain leather

-Synthetic leather patches for durability and wear

-Ergonomic design for maximum comfort

-5/8" hole and 1 ½" hole cutouts

-Soft-touch neoprene padding for shock absorption

-Unique pin and loop closure system for secure fit

Roogrips RooGrips 3 Hole Hand Grips - Pebble GrainPebble Grain$50
Venum Ranger GripsMicrofiber$27
Reebok Crossfit 2in1 Push-up GripsPro-Grip Foam$25
GoFit Arched GripNeoprene$22

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