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Run Rocket

The Run Rocket from Rogue Fitness is a unique piece of cardiovascular fitness equipment designed for those seeking a low impact yet challenging workout. This innovative device is used to improve running technique and overall fitness. It’s a small, lightweight device that helps to target and strengthen the lower body, as well as providing a more intense session. The Run Rocket itself is a lightweight, adjustable aluminum frame that you can strap onto a treadmill, track, or any other flat, even surface. This flexible frame allows you to customize the workload according to your goals and ability. The foot mechanism is designed to absorb impact and transfer energy throughout the entire exercise session. This ensures a more comprehensive and effective workout regardless of the surface that it’s used on. The Run Rocket also includes a belt tension system which can be easily adjusted using the device’s dial. By changing the dial, you can control how far the foot-placement mechanism is from the track, as well as how much tension is applied. This allows you to tailor the workout to suit your individual needs and ensure that you get the workout you desire. The Run Rocket is highly portable and requires no additional equipment, making it ideal for at-home use. In addition, The Run Rocket is made of durable and long-lasting materials, meaning it’s built to last and is well worth the money. Rogue Fitness also offers a one-year warranty on its products, so you know that you’re always covered in case of any issues. Overall, the Run Rocket is a great choice for those looking to take their running to the next level by improving technique and strengthening the lower body. It is an extremely durable and well made device that offers a challenging yet low-impact workout. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner, the Run Rocket is sure to benefit your fitness journey.

  • Run Rocket

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  • Run Rocket Harness

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  • Rogue Sled Harness

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  • Run Rocket Speed Belt - Small

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  • Run Rocket Speed Belt - Medium

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  • Run Rocket Speed Belt - Large

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  • Run Rocket Offset Bar

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Pros & Cons


• Provides incredible lower body power, strength and speed

• Easy to set up and use with minimal maintenance

• Portable and easy to store

• Can be used for a variety of drills and workouts

- Durable steel Construction with powder coat finish


• Pricey compared to other similar equipment

• Only suited to lower-body workouts

• Lack of versatility in exercises offered

• Tiring to use for extended lengths of time

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• High quality construction

• Adjustable in multiple directions

• Durable and long-lasting lifespan

• Comes with an adapter for various treadmills

• Quiet operation

Should Not Buy:

• Unsuitable for runners who have a maximum speed of more than 15 mph

• Limited warranty coverage

• Not foldable


- 30” pull-up bar

- 6ft pull-up station

- Dependable rubber strap — replaces “bar catchers”

- Weight capacity - up to 500 lbs

- Heavy-gauge steel construction with powder-coated black finish

- Pre-drilled holes to secure to floor

- Perfect for bolting to the ceiling for inverted rows or pull-ups

ProductPriceRange (miles)Speed (mph)
Rogue Run Rocket$350040 miles20 mph
Lectric XP$299945 miles28 mph
Fluid FreeRide$259940 miles28 mph
Rad Power Rad01$149945 miles20 mph
Amoove Urban$259940 miles20 mph

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