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RX Frēvo Jump Rope

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RX Frēvo Jump Rope

The Rogue RX Frevo Jump Rope is a precision-engineered piece of workout equipment designed to help athletes improve their coordination, agility, and endurance. This jump rope was designed with a heavy reliance on technology and the latest scientific advances to optimize performance, making the RX Frevo one of the top jump ropes in the industry. The jump rope has a rotating handle system and adjustable cable for easy and exact calibration. The speed-weight cable technology provides a smooth and consistent rotation, making it easier to complete multiple reps in sequence and also reducing fatigue over time. The cable includes a special mix of material that makes it durable and reliable for long-term use. The RX Frevo Jump Rope is equipped with an ergonomic handle that allows athletes to control the tension of their grip and the speed of the movement. Additionally, the grip is lightly textured for a comfortable and secure hold. The combination of technology and ergonomics have been designed to provide athletes with the most efficient and smooth jump rope experience possible. Whether performing in an indoor or outdoor environment, the RX Frevo Jump Rope is optimal for any type of exercise. It can help improve coordination, speed, agility, and endurance. The precision engineering of the jump rope’s components combines with the adjustable cable and ergonomic handle provide a top-of-the-line experience.


Pros & Cons


• High-quality materials – This rope is designed with aircraft grade aluminum, professional grade ball bearings, and durable braided steel cable.

• Adjustable size – This jump rope is fully adjustable for your size and height.

• Smooth rotation – The ball bearings make for a very responsive and seamless rotation of the rope, so it moves with you.

• Lightweight design – The lightweight design makes it easy to control and maneuver during your jump rope session.

• Affordable – This jump rope is more affordable than some comparable jump ropes on the market.


• Cable can become frayed – As with any rope, the cable can become frayed over time if not properly maintained.

• Storage pouch not included – This jump rope does not come with a storage pouch, which can make transporting and storing it a bit more of a hassle.

Who Should Buy

Reasons to Buy:

• Durable steel cable construction

• Speed ball bearing system designed for fluid motion

• Professional grade material for long lifetime use

• RX FREVO Jump Rope comes with a 1-year warranty

Reasons Not to Buy:

• High price for some users

• Not suitable for people who don’t meet the length requirements

• Not ideal for workouts that require high intensity


• Adjustable Rope Length: 9.2' (2.8m) to 10.5' (3.2m)

• Material: Nylon + PVC Cables

• Handle Length: 5.9" (15cm)

• Handle Diameter: 1.3" (3.3cm)

• Rope Weight: 0.17lbs (77g)

• Color: Black or White

ProductWeightCable LengthCable MaterialMagnetic ClipPrice
RX FrēvoJump Rope0.3 lb.10'Braided SteelYes$15.99
Walmart Jump Rope0.25 lb.9'NylonNo$4.97
Zenhoo Speed Jump Rope0.4 lb.9.4'PVC CoatingYes$15.99
King Athletic Jump Rope0.23 lb.10'Aluminium AlloyYes$14.23
Amiley Jump Rope0.26 lb.9.8'PVCNo$9.99

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