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Rapid Fit Jump Rope

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Rapid Fit Jump Rope

The RX Rapid Fit Jump Rope from Rogue Fitness is a high-performance speed rope designed to help athletes achieve top conditioning through high-intensity jump rope exercise. This ultra-lightweight and incredibly durable 9 foot jump rope features an ergonomic plastic handle for superior comfort and superior grip. The rope is made from lightweight, low memory steel cables and is sealed for durability and wear. The rapid rotation and comfortably contoured handle are ideal for maneuvers such as double unders, side swings, crossovers and other intricate techniques. In addition, the ball-bearing design allows for smooth and seamless operation. The RX Rapid Fit is an ideal choice for athletes who are looking for a versatile and effective speed rope for cardio and cross-training routines. It is the perfect pick for athletes that seek a durable and reliable jump rope that gives superior performance during their training routines.

  • Rapid Fit Jump Rope - Long - Black / Black

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  • Rapid Fit Jump Rope - Standard - Red / Red

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Pros & Cons


• Lightweight and durable Construction

• Has adjustable rope length

• Comes with instructional DVD and online tutorials

• Highly visible and flexible coated cable

• Has comfortable foam handles

• Has a built-in counter to track your reps


• Some users find the rapid-turning design challenging to master

• The handles may become slippery during intense exercise

• Pricey compared to other jump ropes

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Great quality product

• Adjustable length for different heights

• Solid bearing design for smoother rotation

• Built-in speed counter to help with jump rope progressions

Should Not Buy:

• Not very inexpensive

• Does not come in a variety of colors or styles


• Made from premium-grade PC materials

• Comes with handles ergonomically designed for comfortable grip

• Adjustable from 9.8 to 10.5 feet long

• Maximum bearing capacity of 350lbs

• Straps are lightweight and durable

• Built-in, double ball-bearing system to ensure smooth and consistent rotations

• Embedded hooks for easy adjustment and replacement of ropes

• Foam-padded handles for improved comfort

ProductLengthHandle LengthGrip TypeWeight
Rapid Fit Jump Rope9ft (self adjustable)5.5inAluminum Textured4.6 oz
WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope10ft fixed length6inFoam Swivel5.6 oz
INTEY Jump Rope9ft (adjustable)5.5inAluminum Magnetic3.5 oz
GoxRunx Jump Rope9.5ft (adjustable)6inPVC7.4 oz

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