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RXBAR - Nut Butter - Maple Almond

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RXBAR - Nut Butter - Maple Almond

The RXBar Maple Almond Nut Butter from Rogue Fitness is a delicious, portable snack that is perfect for on-the-go. This case of 10 individually packed nut butter bars are made from nuts, egg whites and dates, resulting in a clean, real food product. Each bar is packed with 10g of protein, 8g of fiber, and just 7g of sugar and 130 calories. The almond butter gives the bar a slight crunch, while the maple flavor gives it a subtle sweetness. The bars are free from dairy and gluten, making them suitable for most diets. They also contain no added oils or fillers, meaning you get a pure, natural product that is both nutritious and tasty. Perfect to take with you on the road, to the gym, or as an afternoon snack.


Pros & Cons


• Good source of protein

• Made with simple, high-quality ingredients

• No added sugar

• Convenient snack

• Gluten-free


• High in calories

• Does contain some added oils

• May contain traces of allergens

• Contains added sugar alcohols and natural flavorings

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- High quality nutrition: RX Bar celebrates real, high-quality ingredients to deliver a nutritious snack.

- Convenience: RX Bar Nut Butter provides a quick and easy snack option with no spills or mess to worry about.

- Novel flavor: The Maple Almond flavor is unique and delicious.

- Cost effective: Purchasing in bulk helps keep costs lower.

Should Not Buy:

- Allergies: If you or someone you know has an allergy to nuts or certain ingredients in the product, it is not suitable for consumption.

- High sugar content: For people trying to watch their sugar intake, this product may not be the best option as it does contain 11g of sugar per serving.

- Not vegan friendly: Since this product contains dairy, it is not suitable for vegan lifestyles.


- 12g of Protein

- 210 Calories

- Star Ingredient: Egg Whites

- Gluten Free

- No Added Sugar

- 4g of Fiber

- 5g of Total Fat

- 0g Trans Fat

- No Artificial Flavors or Colors

Product NameCaloriesProteinCarbohydrateAdded Sugar
RXBAR - Nut Butter - Maple Almond25010g16g2g
Barney Butter - Almond Butter - Smooth1907g6g0g
Justin's - Almond Butter - Classic1907g6g0g
YumButter - Almond Butter - Salty & Sweet2008g12g2g
Crazy Richard's - Almond Butter1807g6g0g

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