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Scary Sticky Goat Tape - Black

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Scary Sticky Goat Tape - Black

Scary Sticky Goat Tape from Rogue Fitness is a professional-grade adhesive tape aimed at athletes and those looking for a serious, reliable tape. This tape is made with a special adhesive that is designed to stick to a variety of surfaces, and it has a strong grip to keep athletic tape, wraps, and braces in place during activities. It is also designed to be extremely durable, as it is built with a special material that offers superior resistance to tearing, splitting, and abrasion. The tape also has a low-profile design that is thin yet strong, making it suitable for many workout and activity programs. Its black color is great for concealing sweat marks and it looks quite stylish. Its construction is designed to be flexible and breathable, allowing it to move and adapt to your natural motions. This tape is also latex-free, and it has a non-irritating, hypoallergenic design that is gentle on skin. With its superior grip and reliable adhesive, Scary Sticky Goat Tape is the perfect choice for athletes, athletes in training, and anyone looking for a strong, dependable tape.

  • Scary Sticky Goat Tape - Black - 2 Pack

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  • Scary Sticky Goat Tape - Black - 5 Pack

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Pros & Cons


• Easy to apply

• Comfortable and gentle on the skin

• Helps to reduce blisters

• Vibrant colors

• Adhesive base prevents slipping


• Can be difficult to remove

• May cause skin irritation if left on too long

• Limited colors available

• Can be expensive

• May not hold as strongly as other tapes

Who Should Buy

⚫ Should Buy:

-Good quality and durable

-Easy to use and remove

-Protects against abrasion and wear

-Works well for barbell, weightlifting, and camp activities

-Offers a secure grip for added efficiency

⚫ Should Not Buy:

-Expensive for a single roll

-Not suitable for use around delicate fabrics or surfaces

-Not best for activities involving high temperatures


-Strong Hold: It is up to 15 times stronger than traditional tapes

-Reusable: It can be reused multiple times and still holds strong

-Durable: It won’t tear, rip, or fray due to its unsurpassed durability

-Water-resistant: Even in moist conditions, it still maintains its strong adhesiveness

-Resistant to extreme temperatures: It won’t buckle, discolor, or release adhesive in temperatures between -20 and 220 degrees Fahrenheit

-Easy to cut: It is more malleable than other types of tapes, making it easier to shape and apply

-Strong adherence: Its adhesive sticks to metal, plastic, wood, and more without leaving a sticky residue

-Non-corrosive: This allows it to be used on most surfaces without running the risk of leaving scratches or causing rust

-Non-conductive: It can stand temperatures up to 160°F, meaning it won't cause electrical shorts

ProductWidthThicknessTack LevelAdheres toAdhesivePrice
Goat Tape Scary Sticky Goat Tape-Black2.26”14 milsHighMost surfacesSynthetic rubber$9.95
Stick and Seal All-Purpose Glue Tape1.88”8 milsMediumMost surfacesAcrylic$13.99
Speed Spider Black Heavy Duty Tape2”15 milsHighMetal, plastic, rubber, glass, woodSynthetic rubber$9.95
Predator Rubber Glue Tape2”14 milsHighMetal, glass, wood, plasticSynthetic rubber$13.99
Frogg Tape Frog Glue Tape2.83”7 milsMediumMost surfacesAcrylic$13.99

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