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Schiek 1000-PLS Power Lifting Straps

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Schiek 1000-PLS Power Lifting Straps

The Schiek 1000 PLS Powerlifting Straps offer an ideal combination of durability and support for rigorous lifting workouts. Made of industrial-grade, thick, heavy-duty natural leather and reinforced with double-stitched webbing, these straps provide a secure fit and lasting performance, making them ideal for both occasional and professional powerlifters. The straps feature a unisex, adjustable design with a two-inch wide Velcro closure for the perfect fit. The leather is contoured to fit the natural shape of the wrist and has a neutral-colored padding to minimize blistering and chafing during extended, heavy-duty lifts. The straps also feature an extra-long design to ensure a better grip on the bar, with an added sheet of leather at the wrist area to increase grip and reduce wrist fatigue. The contoured design and ultimate grip of these powerlifting straps make them perfect for tackling the toughest lifts and ensuring optimal support for any strength training routine.

  • Schiek 1000-PLS Power Lifting Straps

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  • Schiek 1000-PLS Power Lifting Straps - Black / Blue

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  • Schiek 1000-PLS Power Lifting Straps - Black / Red

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Pros & Cons


• Constructed from heavy-duty 5” Nylon webbing with reinforced stitching

• support strap for increased comfort and power

• Anatomically curved, double contoured shape that fits the hand

• Industrial grade ¾” widec Velcro® closure provides safe, reliable grip

• Extra-long 17” length, so that even the biggest lifters can wrap them around large bars


• Not suitable for Olympic-style lifts as they do not provide adequate grip and support

• Due to their length, they can be cumbersome and uncomfortable when not in use

• Expensive compared to other powerlifting straps available on the market

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Powerlifters looking for a supportive and comfortable strap

• Athletes looking to improve their grip strength and lifts

Who Should Not Buy:

• Individuals without knowledge of proper powerlifting form

• Casual gym-goers who do not require the support for lifts


- Adjustable, heavy-duty power lifting straps

- Hand-loop design allows for full-range of motion without removal

- Supports 750+ pounds of weight capacity

- Constructed from durable cotton material with reinforced stitching

- Allows natural body movement and minimal hand fatigue

- Suitable for weightlifting, pull-ups, chin-ups, and deadlifts

- Includes a draw-string carry bag for portability and easy storage

ProductProduct PriceLengthWidthMaterial
Schiek 1000-PLS Power Lifting Straps$23.9933" Long2” WideLeather
RDX Pro Knee Wraps$19.9978" Long3" WideElasticated Polyester
Iron Bull Strength Wrist Wraps$13.4918" Long3" WideDurable Cotton & Spandex
Harbinger Redline Pro Wrist Wrap$30.0918" Long3” WideNylon & Neoprene
Dead Lift Wall Slings$28.99N/AN/ALeather

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