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SFH Push - Fruit Punch

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SFH Push - Fruit Punch

SFH Push Fruit Punch is a high quality, no stimulant pre-workout supplement from Rogue Fitness. Developed by strength and conditioning coaches, it's designed for athletes of any level looking for an extra pre-workout boost to aid in optimal performance. SFH Push Fruit Punch contains an easy to absorb blend of electrolytes, essential amino acids and B vitamins that help to regulate muscle movements, reduce fatigue and cramping, support enhanced cognition and alertness and provide you with more efficient energy output. It's designed to be taken 10 minutes before your workout and is suitable for use in the morning, during the day or evening. The main advantage of SFH Push Fruit Punch is that it is free of artifical stimulants, such as caffeine and guarana, so it won't give you a 'sugar rush' or crash like other pre-workout products. The lack of artificial flavors and colors means that what you are ingesting is of the highest quality, containing only vital factors that will effectively nourish your body during exercise. Other notable features include a pleasant taste and an easy-to-mix powder formula that provides you with the perfect amount of sustenance before exercise. SFH Push Fruit Punch is made with non-GMO ingredients, so you can enjoy an energising boost without dangerous or toxic products. In addition, this supplement is packed with antioxidants and optimal doses of glutamine and BCAAs for extra muscle support.


Pros & Cons


• Contains no sugar, fats, or carbs

• Portable and easy to store

• Vegan and gluten free

• Contains no artificial colors or flavors

• Grams of protein per serving

• Mixed with water for a quick and easy drink

• Available in multiple flavors


• Not suitable for infants, children, or pregnant/nursing women

• Contains caffeine (40mg/serving)

• Contains soy lecithin (may cause allergies)

• May cause digestive distress in some people

• Not recommended for those with medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, hypoglycemia, etc.

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Supports the recovery and regeneration of muscles

• Good taste and texture

• Provides an energy boost

• Contains natural electrolytes

• Low in calories

Should Not Buy:

• Trying to restrict calorie intake significantly

• Contains artificial flavors

• Possible digestive discomfort for those with sensitive stomachs

• Contains a lot of sugar

• Too expensive for some people


- Pull-up power station, made of powder-coated steel

- 24 power bands

- Adjustable height angles for versatility in workouts

- Attached push-up bars

- Portable design for easy storage and rearranging

- two adjustable safety mechanisms to prevent any unwanted falling

- Foam grips to protect hands when gripping bars

- Ultra-durable construction for long-lasting performance and usage

ProductPriceServing SizeCaloriesSugar
Sfh SFH Push - Fruit Punch$59.9930 Servings1205g
HydroBuilder Protein - Fruit Punch$25.9920 Servings1207g
Combat Protein Powder - Fruit Punch$23.9924 Servings1209g
Evlution Nutrition Re-Build Power - Fruit Punch$39.9930 Servings17014g

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