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SISU Barrel Sauna

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SISU Barrel Sauna

The Sisu Barrel Sauna from Rogue Fitness is an easy way to bring a traditional sauna experience into the comfort of your own home. This product is made for both home and commercial use, and crafted from premium kiln-dried Western red cedar. The sauna has patented 8-ply construction that helps keep the heat and steam in and colder air out, making it more energy efficient. This sauna can fit up to eight people, and measures 78” x 54” x 78” when set up, requiring a space of at least 95” x 63”. The Sisu Barrel Sauna has a 4.5KW heater with a digital touch-sensitive control panel that allows you to set the temperature between 66°F and 175°F to achieve the optimal results. This sauna is also equipped with a built-in two-tier benches that provide comfortable seating for up to eight people. The benches are adjustable and can be removed easily in order to adjust the sauna to your desired setup. The Sisu Barrel Sauna also features dual LED reading lamps and LED chromotherapy lighting that can be switched between 10 colour modes. This product includes an FM/USB/Bluetooth-enabled stereo sound system with two 6” built-in speakers, as well as an oxygen ionizer. The Sisu Barrel Sauna is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, providing a long-term solution for your home or gym environment. The entire package is professionally packaged for easy delivery and fast assembly.

  • SISU Eddy 2-Person Barrel Sauna - No Roof Kit - No Roof Kit

    In Stock


  • SISU Eddy 2-Person Barrel Sauna - With Roof Kit - Add Roof Kit

    In Stock


  • SISU Edwin 6-Person Barrel Sauna - No Roof Kit - No Roof Kit

    In Stock


  • SISU Edwin 6-Person Barrel Sauna - With Roof Kit - Add Roof Kit

    In Stock


Pros & Cons


• Compact design allows for installation of sauna in small spaces

• Infrared heating technology provides deep tissue penetration for effective detoxification

• Natural wood exterior is stylish and durable

• Multiple temperature settings

• Easy assembly with minimal tools required

• An increased sense of wellness from infrared sauna therapy


• Expensive initial cost

• Relatively high electric bill costs due to increased usage

• Can be difficult to disassemble if needed

• Limited warranty coverage

• Heat levels may not be adjustable

• Not designed for use in climates below 65 F.

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy This Sauna:

-Those interested in relaxing, stress-reduction, and improved quality of life

-People who have the space and resources to purchase and maintain an outdoor sauna

-Those who want the therapeutic benefits of steam and heat

Who Should Not Buy This Sauna:

-People who don't have the space for an outdoor sauna

-People with limited resources or budget constraints

-People who are not interested in the therapeutic benefits of steam and heat


- 36" diameter

- 60" height with 14" wheels (removable)

- 35mm thick wooden panels

- Interior insulation and vapor barrier

- Built-in Bluetooth stereo

- Overhead lighting

- Accessory hooks

- Cushioned benches

ProductHeating ElementsBuilt-in Audio SystemSize (Inches)Price (USD)
Rogue SISU Barrel Sauna2 Carbon HeatersYes106L x 48W x 79H5,995
Paramount 645 Barrel Sauna2 Far-Infrared HeatersYes62D x 45W x 84H3,599
Harvia Barrel SSB Sauna9 Heaters (3 x 3 Kw)Optional140L x 140W x 198H9,089
ALFI Round Dry Sauna4 Heaters (2 x 2.7 Kw)No100L x 100W x 198H3,999
Helsinki Round Sauna6 Heaters (3 x 5 Kw)No140L x 140W x 196H7,999

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