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SkiErg Handle Extension Pair

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SkiErg Handle Extension Pair

The Ski-Erg Handle Extension Pair from Rogue Fitness provides added range of motion and comfort to your Ski-Erg workouts. This pair of handle extensions is designed to fit onto your existing Ski-Erg handles and can be adjusted up to 8.25”. This gives you added reach and allows you to pull the handle further back to add intensity to your workout. The handles are made from plastic-coated aluminum for a rugged and durable construction. The grip is textured to give a comfortable and secure grip when pushing your limits. The extensions are adjustable to fit all users and can be lengthened to 39.25”. They have a max weight of 350 lbs. and are backed by a lifetime warranty to ensure a quality product. Whether you’re an athlete looking to push your performance to the next level or an enthusiast looking to get a more effective workout, the Ski-Erg Handle Extension Pair from Rogue Fitness is a great addition to your workout gear.


Pros & Cons


• Fits all standard Concept2 Skiergs.

• Adjusts for user height and preference.

• Lightweight handle design provides comfortable grip.

• Pop-in adjustment locks provide a secure hold.

• Durable design and Construction.


• Can be more expensive than some generic handle extensions.

• Can take some time to assemble and adjust.

• Not as long as some custom handle extensions.

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• If you have an existing SkiErg machine and you would like to extend the handlebars

• If you have limited space and need a compact exercise machine

• If you are someone who enjoys using techniques from Nordic skiing in a more convenient setting

Should Not Buy:

• If you don't have an existing SkiErg machine or don't plan to purchase one

• If you have plenty of space to use larger exercise machines

• If you don't have an interest in techniques from Nordic skiing


-For use with Concept2 Ski Erg (Model D and Dynamic)

-45cm / 17.7 in

-Compatible with handles D21 and E21

-Solid steel construction

-Powder-coated black finish

-Weight of each extension: 130g / 4.6 oz

WeightMaterials UsedAdjustable
1.6 lbsAluminumYes
1.45 lbsAluminumNo
WeightMaterials UsedAdjustable
1.6 lbsAluminum, PlasticYes
1.6 lbsAluminumYes
1.45 lbsAluminumNo

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