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SKLZ Quick Ladder Pro

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SKLZ Quick Ladder Pro

The SKLZ Quick Ladder Pro is a great accessory for athletes who are looking to improve their agility, coordination, and strength. This high-quality training ladder is designed to improve footwork and core muscle development with rapid speed drills. The design of the Quick Ladder Pro is inspired by the agility and speed ladders used by athletic teams of all levels. This product is made with high-quality materials for a longer lifespan, including a 60"-long and 20"-wide nylon ladder with durable risers to help reduce wear and tear. The ladder also has adjustable height sections, from 8" to 12" high, which allows the user to customize their routine. The Quick Ladder Pro also features steel stanchion bars at the base to provide extra stability and an adjustable foot support for comfortable use. The Quick Ladder Pro comes with wall mountable instructions to easily customize the ladder and instructions to help you get started right away. The SKLZ Quick Ladder Pro also includes five drill cards with multiple footwork drills to improve speed and strength. Overall, the SKLZ Quick Ladder Pro is a great accessory for athletes and fitness enthusiast. It's made with durable materials, has an adjustable height, extra stability, and includes five drill cards to help users of all levels improve their agility, coordination, and strength.


Pros & Cons


• Compact and lightweight design for portability.

• adjustable rungs to customize the ladder length and patterns.

• Strong metal poles for stability.

• Includes carrying bag for easy transportation.

• Durable rubber rungs and non-slip rubber feet for a secure floor grip.


• Rungs are short and may not be suitable for tall individuals.

• Pricey compared to other agility ladders on the market.

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• People who want to improve coordination and agility

• People looking for a way to easily set up and break down a workout area

• Individuals who want an affordable agility ladder

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who do not have enough space to set up the ladder

• Individuals who want to have a more extensive agility training

• Those who are looking for a ladder with a more durable design


- 15-rung agility ladder

- Portable and lightweight, weighing only 2.5 pounds

- Unfolds to 20 feet long

- 3” wide-spaced nylon straps

- Adjustable straps allow user to customize drill lengths and intensity

- Training guide included

- Durable and weatherproof

Sklz SKLZ Quick Ladder Pro7.1 lbs21 ft17.5"Yes$54.99
Zeneo Speed Ladder with 12 Steel Spikes8.3 lbs20 ft16"Yes$25.99
SuperFlex Agility Ladder, Speed Training Ladder with Carrying Bag3.98 lbs12 ft16"Yes$27.99
UpShop 16ft Agility Ladder Exercise for Soccer, Speed & Fitness2.9 lbs16 ft15"Yes$19.99

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