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The Rogue Fitness Slack Block is a great addition to any injury free athlete's home gym or any commercial gym. The Slack Block provides a versatile and safe way to add a range of exercises to your routine. This heavy duty, powder coated block is adjustable from 1" to 7" high and features four rubber non skid feet along the bottom for stability on any floor surface. The block measures 42" x 21" x 7" and is made of steel that can withstand up to 500lbs in weight load. The Slack Block has angled sides which allows you to lift heavier loads using proper form and helps to target specific muscle groups. It also helps to improve overall strength in the areas worked. The block also has elevated sides to help keep the barbell stable when you perform barbell exercises. This is especially useful when doing Olympic weight lifting movements such as the clean and jerk and the snatch. The Slack Block also provides a range of exercises that can be performed independently with kettle bells, medicine balls and free weights. This block is perfect for doing push ups, dips, squats and burpees. It can also be used for plyometric and agility drills such as box jumps, shuttle runs, and jump rope exercises. The Rogue Fitness Slack Block is an ideal equipment choice for any gym and is a great way to progress exercises with a greater range of motion and increased weight load.

  • SlackBlock - 13"

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  • SlackBlock - 14"

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  • SlackBlock - 15"

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Pros & Cons


• Adjustable height settings

• Replaceable blocks for customization

• Removable, adjustable handles

• Sturdy Construction

• Comes in multiple versions


• Expensive

• Extra attachments need to be purchased separately

• Not as mobile as other slackline solutions

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• People who need an effective and space-saving suspension trainer

• Sports coaches, workout instructors, and athletes who want a reliable and durable piece of equipment

• People who want to do bodyweight exercises at home without having to buy large pieces of gym equipment

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who are on a tight budget

• People who have little room for storage

• People who can’t handle high levels of intensity in their workouts


- 2x6 inch dense closed-cell foam

- 16 inches of block width

- 17.5 inch total height

- 10 inch top shelf depth

- 400 lb load capacity

- Polyester cover handles easy cleaning

- High-strength military grade 1-inch nylon webbing with a 4,000 lb tensile strength

- Heavy-duty steel O-ring buckle for easy wear and tear adjustment

- Nickle-Plated Steel Anchor Points

- US-Made Quality Construction

- Sold individually or in pairs

ProductSize (inches)Maximum Load Limit (lbs)Price Range
Rogue SlackBlock15x6.5x2.53000$80 - $90
Titan SlackBlock15x6x2.53000$45 - $60
Lifeline SlackBlock15.5x4x33000$40 - $50
XCEL SlackBlock14x6x23000$45 - $60

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