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Slater's True Logs

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Slater's True Logs

Slater's True Logs are a unique piece of Rogue Fitness’s line of strength-training product innovation. These heavy duty oak logs provide a unique challenge for athletes and weightlifters alike. The True Logs come in four different sizes: 2.0, 2.3, 2.7, and 3.0 meters. With a diameter of 19.3-inch, these logs are an excellent addition to any gym or home workout setup. The logs feature three handles for easy and safe lifting and moving, as well as grooves for your feet to set up a squat stand and secure footing for other exercises. They are heavily sanded to quickly fight off splinters and scratches, and feature numbers and letters along their sides to make tracking progress easier. Each True Log is coated for added durability against the elements and is made with Rogue's trademarked A2Z endcaps for better grip and ergonomic performance. Each True Log also comes with Rogue's exclusive warranty, guaranteeing quality and long-lasting satisfaction. Whether you're looking to beef up your home gym setup or just want a unique piece of weightlifting equipment, these True Logs from Rogue Fitness have something to offer. With their unmatched quality and easy to use design, they are perfect for helping you reach your training goals.

  • Slater Strongman Bootcamp Log

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  • Slater "Original" Pine True Log

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  • Slater "Premium" Hardwood True Log

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Pros & Cons


• Made from real Douglas Fir logs for a unique and rustic look

• Very low profile to maximize floor space

• Slats are spaced evenly to maximize space and enable easy loading and unloading

• Included rubber caps covering the tops of the logs protect both the users and equipment from wear and tear

• Logs are coated with heavy-duty protective sealant to prevent weather damage

• Easy to assemble


• Relatively high cost

• Limited configuration options

• Logs may need to be sanded and/or sealed if additional weather protection is desired

• Weight capacity is limited, which may not be sufficient for heavier loads

Who Should Buy

Reasons to Buy:

• Solid framework for a home gym

• Durable construction with low maintenance

• Versatile - can be used for a variety of weight training exercises

• The center log can double as press station

Reasons Not to Buy:

• Expensive

• Limit the number of exercises you can perform

• Not ideal for those looking for light weight training


-Log diameter ranges from 8 inches to 16 inches

-15 possible heights

-Weight capacity of 750 pounds

-Made from Douglas Fir

-Logs have a rough sawn finish

-Includes textured log grips

-Numbered height bands for quick adjustments

-Includes a lifetime warranty

-Other accessories available to purchase separately

Slater's Rogue Fitness LogsProduct 1Product 2Product 3
MaterialAsh WoodPVCYellow Pine WoodHardwood
Weight Capacity300lbs1000lbs200lbs800lbs

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