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Spud Inc Sled Attachment

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Spud Inc Sled Attachment

The EliteFTS™ Sled Attachment from Rogue Fitness is an incredibly sturdy and versatile add-on for your existing sled, providing effective and practical strength training for athletes of all levels. It adds a great deal of versatility to your ordinary sled, allowing for a large variety of exercises to be completed. The Rogue Fitness Sled Attachment boasts robust construction, made from a heavy-duty steel frame thta is resistant to chips and scratches. Additionally, the unit is designed with a wide front base for extra stability, and two steel screw-in spikes that contain rubber feet for extra security. The sled attachment can easily accommodate heavy loads and intense training, making it suitable for everyone from beginners to professional athletes. The unit also features a center-mounted plate loading hole that allows for weight plates, bands, or chains to be added for even more versatility and control. This practical design will help you target muscles that are hard to target with a regular sled, allowing you to work on all areas of your body. It is also equipped with a folding handle feature, enabling you to conveniently and safely store the attachment or take it on the go. Overall, the Rogue Fitness Sled Attachment is an extremely durable and versatile addition to your strength training regime. Whether you're looking for an extra challenge for your regular sled workouts or you want to take your training to the next level, this attachment is an invaluable asset for your strength and conditioning program.


Pros & Cons


• Easy to assemble

• Portable and lightweight

• Designed to fit any sled

• Durable and adjustable

• Allows for a variety of exercises


• Must be used on a flat surface

• Cannot be used on inclined surfaces

• Not ideal for high-intensity workouts

• Limited to exercises that involve pushing and pulling movements

• Costly compared to other similar products

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Ideal for outdoor use

• Improves resistance and exercising

• Robust and stable construction

• Supports a wide range of motions

Should Not Buy:

• Not appropriate for indoor use

• Not ideal for high-pressure or high-impact exercises

• Not suitable for very small or very large individuals


• Compatible with Sled Harness

• Attaches to any weight plate with an inner hole size of 1.9", 2" or 2.1"

• Includes hardware for securing attachment to weight plate

• Designed to train explosive power, core stabilization, and hip/leg strength

• Durable steel construction

• Vinyl cushions for protecting plates from damage

ProductSpud Inc Sled AttachmentOther Product 1Other Product 2Other Product 3
Weight Capacity800lbs1100lbs1000lbs900lbs
ConstructionPowder Coated SteelPowder Coated SteelSteelSteel
DesignEasily InterchangeableInterchangeableAttachment ReadyModularized

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