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Sling Shot Infinity Loop

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Sling Shot Infinity Loop

-band The Sling Shot Infinity Loop Band from Rogue Fitness is an ideal tool for intense workouts and improving strength. Using this band's elastic properties, this comprehensive exercise band can help athletes of all levels work on their mobility, power, and strength. The Loop Band is available in three levels of resistance – light, medium, and heavy – with the medium being the best choice for most people. The heavy band is almost 25% thicker than the light band and is recommended for experienced exercisers or those looking to take their performance to the next level. The band has a large 33-inch diameter that provides maximum support and stability during exercises, and its non-threatening construction means it can be used safely. To increase user safety, Rogue Fitness uses an ultra-durable latex construction for the Infinity Loop Band, strengthening it and making it significantly more durable than conventional elastics. The band is also sweat-proof and latex-free, so it is perfect for those with allergies or skin sensitivity. Furthermore, the band comes in a distinct grey colour for easy identification and distinguishing between the different levels of resistance available. The Sling Shot Infinity Loop Band from Rogue Fitness makes for a great tool for those looking to take their workouts to the next level.


Pros & Cons


• Versatile: to use for multiple types of strength training exercises

• Ergonomic design to protect your hands and wrists

• Durable Construction with reinforced nylon material

• Easy to adjust straps for an adjustable fit

• Portable for easy transport


• Higher price tag compared to similar products

• Not suitable for all movements and exercises

• Not suitable for heavier weights

• Not suitable for certain body shapes and sizes

Who Should Buy

• Reasons to Purchase:

• -Designed for efficient and controlled training of the core muscles

• -Allows you to isolate hard-to-reach areas of the body

• -Double-looped design allows for easy single- and double-hand grip to customize resistance

• -Made of durable and heavy-duty industrial-grade steel

• Reasons Not to Purchase:

• -Expensive compared to other resistance training devices

• -Not suitable for heavier strength training

• -Not adjustable or any other type of resistance intensity


•Size: 18 feet tall by 40 feet wide

•Manufacturer: S&S

•Speed: Approx 32 mph

•Clearance: 80”

•Capacity: 24 riders

•Seating: Reclining six person cloverleaf

•G-Forces: 6 Gs

•Rotation: 360° horizontal loop

•Lift/launch system: Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM)

•Articulated trains: 3

•Track Length: 690 feet

Similar Product #1Similar Product #2
Infinity LoopInfinity LoopStandard Loop
6.8 in6 in6.5 in
25 in30 in22 in
300 lbs200 lbs300 lbs

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