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Sling Shot Single Hand Shake Strap

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Sling Shot Single Hand Shake Strap

The Rogue Sling Shot Single Handed Shake Strap is a functional strength training tool designed to help you improve grip strength and stability when performing various lifts. Made from a unique and durable material, the Shake Strap provides maximum comfort and three levels of resistance - light, medium and heavy - to gently but effectively challenge your grip power. The strap is designed for one-handed use and fits most hand sizes. It also features a convenient loop on one end so it can be secured in place. With the Rogue Sling Shot Single Handed Shake Strap, you can work hard and get the most out of your strength training programs. The double-stitched straps with solid stitching guarantees durability and a lifetime of use. With multiple levels of resistance and its comfortable and secure fit, this is the ultimate training tool for any athlete looking to increase their grip strength.


Pros & Cons


• Improves single-arm strength and stability

• Helps correct imbalances between sides of the body

• Secure, comfortable fit with adjustable wrist support

• Durable Construction for long-lasting use

• Lightweight and compact, easy to take on the go


• Limited version for single-arm exercises

• Must be used only with light weights or kettlebells

• May cause discomfort if used for prolonged periods of time

• May not be suitable for individuals with existing wrist or hand injuries

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Athletes who want to maximize grip strength

• Individuals looking for a flexible and portable strength trainer

• People who could benefit from rehabilitation of wrist and hand injuries

Should Not Buy:

• Those unconcerned with maintaining grip strength

• People who have experienced extreme hand or wrist injuries

• Those with limited storage space or seeking a space-saving tool


• Elastic Shock Cord

• 75mm (3 inch) Wide Webbing

• Soft-Touch Neoprene Grip

• Reliable Attachment Point

• 100% Stainless Steel Components

• Corrosion-resistant Finish

• rated to 1000 lbs

ProductPaddingHand PositionConstructionWeight
Super Training Products Sling Shot Single Hand Shake StrapComfort molded padding1 hand position adjustable strapNylon webbed construction8.5 ounces
Fitness2Go Exercise Hand Resistance BandNo padding1 hand position adjustable strapLatex construction4 ounces
Mirafit Wrist and Forearm DeveloperNo paddingHook and loop velcro strapLatex construction6 ounces
RSports Sling Shot Hand ShakeGel paddingHook and loop velcro strap100% neoprene construction7 ounces

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