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The Rogue SolesSteps are flexible, lightweight, and open fitness shoes designed to help you power through all types of workout sessions. Made of breathable knit fabric, these shoes feature a low-cut construction and shape nicely to the contours of your feet. The inner and outer sole are made of a highly durable rubber that provides excellent cushioning and shock absorbency. The built-in arch support helps to encourage improved posture and alignment which reduces the strain on your hips and back, making them ideal for those with joint pain. The flexible slots on the sides help to promote a natural running posture for a more efficient gait. The extra padding around the heel and collar improves the overall comfort level. Designed with a lightweight mesh exterior and several color options, these shoes not only help you to look great when working out, but they also provide the support and durability you need to perform at your best in any workout environment.


Pros & Cons


• Lightweight and portable

• Adjustable to provide a comfortable workout

• Non-skid surface provides a safe workout

• Built-in foam mats or resistance bands for enhanced exercise

• Affordable design


• Can be difficult to store in small living spaces

• Limited to certain exercises

• Not appropriate for heavy/intense workouts

• Resistance bands may break with excessive use

• May be noisy when used on hard surfaced floors

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those who are looking for low-maintenance yet comfortable insoles

• Those who are looking for a lightweight shoe

• Those who want to give their feet extra cushioning

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who are looking for arch support

• Those who prefer a thicker layer of cushioning or padding

• Those with existing foot conditions or severe arch issues


-Made from durable, solid Chinese oak wood

-Smooth finish

-Cushion for foot comfort

-Rubber-coated handles

-Five adjustable levels ranging from 4" to 6.5" in 1" increments

-200lb weight capacity

-Dimensions - 32” W x 9”H x 16”D

ProductpriceMemoryCushioningArch SupportSole Type
Weckmethod SoleSteps®$37.9810mmHighNaturalPolyolefin
Oenz® Insoles$39.1010mmHighMedial/LateralPolyester
SPA Step Insoles$36.9910mmMediumArch SupportPolyurethane
FUTURO Unisex Adjustable Arch Support$11.956mmMediumAdjustable Arch SupportPolyester

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