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Special Strength Development For All Sports

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Special Strength Development For All Sports

The Special Strength Developing Book is an authoritative guide to weightlifting and strength training for athletes of all ability levels. Written by internationally-renowned strength coach and author, Josh Bryant, this book is perfect for aspiring athletes or seasoned vets alike. This updated edition includes new exercises, new training protocols, and updated nutrition and training tips, for an updated and comprehensive approach to athletic development. The book begins with a discussion on the key concepts of Sports Performance Training, which includes activities such as aerobic training and muscular development. It then moves on to cover the basics of strength training, providing detailed technical explanations of the techniques used for exercises like the Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press, and others. The book also provides diagrams to help illustrate these techniques. The book then offers in-depth coverage of strength training, delving into the specifics of powerlifting, powerbuilding, Olympic weightlifting, and bodybuilding, as well as how to implement these lift styles into your training program. It also includes additional sections on common strength faults, nutrition, and a look at how to use the principles of strength training to develop sports specific power. In addition, the book provides exercises to help build your program from the ground up. Overall, the Special Strength Developing Book is a great addition to any athletes library. It offers comprehensive and timely advice on the principles of strength training, as well as detailed instruction on exercises to help build strength and power. It includes advice on sport-specific training, nutrition, and how to fix common faults when lifting. For those athletes who are serious about their strength and power, the Special Strength Developing Book is a great resource.


Pros & Cons


• Comprehensive guide to strength training

• Written by trusted coaches

• Includes drills, exercises, and other tools

• Excellent reviews

• Offers a variety of methods


• Expensive

• May be better suited for more advanced strength trainees

• Not clear how to apply training methods to specific goals

Who Should Buy

People Who SHOULD Buy:

• Anyone looking to improve their strength and physical fitness

• Individuals who are already active in a strength-focused sport or activity

• Weightlifters looking to stay up-to-date with the latest advances in training theory

People Who SHOULD NOT Buy:

• Individuals new to strength and physical fitness activities

• People looking for a comprehensive weightlifting program

• Individuals looking for new equipment to use for their workouts


• All-steel bearing-drive system

• Dual adjustable, height-adjustable pulley systems

• Hyper extension/Roman chair

• Thick-grip lat bar

• Chin-up bar

• 4-position adjustable cable column

• 2 weight plate horns

• 200-pound weight stack

• Accessory holder for bands and straps

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