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Spud Inc Long Ab Strap

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Spud Inc Long Ab Strap

The Spud Inc Long Ab Strap in Black is an adjustable, durable bodyweight training accessory designed to target your core. The strap is made from a synthetic material blend for both strength and comfort, and features a wide design for universal fit. It attaches to any cable machine via metal carabiners, and features padded shoulder straps for added support. The edges are also reinforced for long-lasting wear. The Long Ab Strap is perfect for anyone looking to improve their ab workout routines. With this strap, you can perform a range of exercises such as reverse crunches, hanging leg raises, and more. The creative design also allows you to create unique exercises and combine existing ones to really focus on developing your core muscles. This ab strap is made with the highest level of quality, so you can be sure it will last you many workout sessions to come.


Pros & Cons


-Durable Construction and highly adjustable

• Foam padding for comfort and stability

• Suitable for use with both cable and weight stack machines

• Easily attaches and detaches from the machinery

• Reach the target muscles more efficiently


• Limited range of motion compared to other core exercise machines

• Not suitable for isolated exercises

• Initial setup requires knowledge of fitness equipment

• May not fit short or tall gyms or fitness centers

• May cause discomfort to users who do not utilize proper form and technique

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy the Spud Inc Long AB Strap:

-People who are serious about developing their core strength

-Those with access to a pull-up bar or power rack

-Those looking to add more variety and challenge to their core workouts

Who Should Not Buy the Spud Inc Long AB Strap:

- Beginners to calisthenics or core training

-People who don't have access to a pull-up bar or power rack

-People who are looking for a quick fix to abdominal muscle gains


-Adjuitable straps

-Two soft padded handles

-Made of durable nylon webbing

-Length of strap is 45"

-Handles measure 6" in diameter

-Maximum working load of 250 lbs

-Lightweight design

-Color: Black

Spud Inc Long Ab StrapNylon/Leather$25.00
FinerForm Ab StrapNylon/Neoprene$20.00
ODSport Ab StrapNylon/Neoprene$17.99
Goplus Ab StrapNylon$17.99
Garage Fit Ab StrapLeather$29.99

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