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Spud Inc Super Econo Pulley Systems

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Spud Inc Super Econo Pulley Systems

Rogue Fitness' Spud Inc Super-Econo Pulley System is designed to provide users with an easily adjustable, space-saving alternative to traditional training setups. The commercial grade system consists of a set of resistance-based Pulley Blocks and a set of Black Anodized aluminum pulleys. The Pulley Blocks feature a heavy-duty construction that includes cast iron load plates, large diameter fiber wheels for smooth rolling, and precision-ground sealed bearing housings for minimal noise. The aluminum pulleys are designed for maximum strength and load-bearing capabilities and are outfitted with a heavy-duty cable hook for secure attachment to a weight plate. The pulleys have a machined groove running the entire length of their base to help keep the cable hook in place while in use. The Pulley System is designed to be mounted to a wall or piece of equipment, with an optional set of feet available for stability. The Pulley Blocks and pulleys are designed to travel along two interlocking tracks, and adjustable stoppers allow users to limit the range of travel, while providing a safe and secure training experience. The Pulley System is designed to work with any weight plates of Olympic or Standard size, and are easily adjustable to allow for multiple heights and different exercises. The Rogue Fitness Super-Econo Pulley System is an easy to use, space-saving alternative to traditional training equipment. With its heavy-duty construction and adjustable stopping points, users can safely and securely perform a variety of exercises for an effective and efficient workout.

  • Spud Inc Super Econo Tricep and Lat Pulley

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  • Spud Inc Super Econo Low Pulley System

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  • Spud Inc Super Econo Pulley Package

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Pros & Cons


• Easy to install

• Compatible with any cable station

• Affordable option for home gyms

• Efficient, allowing more control over movements and adjustments

- Sturdy Construction for long-term use


• Only intended for low weight movements

• May require some assembly

• Not designed for certain movements such as pull-ups

• Some equipment required to use the pulley system

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Athletes who need to develop strength through a variety of movements

• Bodybuilders or weightlifters looking for a varied training exercise

• Fitness enthusiasts who want to progress their workout routine

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who want minimal setup, the Super Econo Pulley System does require installation

• Those who only do free weight exercises

• Those on a low budget, this system is on the higher end in terms of price


• Lightweight aluminum pulleys with laser-etched center bore diameters

• Hardened aircraft grade steel axles

• Hardened spring steel double-sealed bearings

• Heavy-duty nylon watchband-style straps

• Low-flex carbon fiber rods

• Adjustable Nylon Carabiners

• Includes portable carrying bag

Spud Inc Super Econo Pulley72" Cable & 25" Pulley$99.95
Rage Fitness Battle Rope50 Feet & Reinforced Seams$149.99
Element Fitness Power Rope50 Feet & Textured Grips$20.99
Mirafit Battle Rope50 Feet & 2” Thick & Diameter$69.99
Elite Surge 3-Pulley System156” Cable & 72” Bar$725.00

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