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Spud Inc Traveling Farmer Walk Handles

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Spud Inc Traveling Farmer Walk Handles

Rogue Fitness's Spud Inc. Traveling Farmer Walk Handles are an effective, affordable way to increase your cardiovascular capacity and build strength in your upper back and arms. The handles are designed to be used anywhere, making them perfect for athletes who want to get in a good workout while they're traveling. The handles are made of solid steel and measure 4' long. The handles have 2" Olympic sleeves and have been tested to hold up to 700 lbs. The handles also include two weight plates for a total of (4) 45lb. plates. With the handle's superior durability and versatility, you can use them for farmer walks, power walks, and other conditioning workouts. The handles can also be used for various exercises such as lateral shoulder raises, arm lateral raises, and shoulder shrugs. The comfortable rubber grips make it easy to hold the handles in a variety of positions and provide a secure hold even when sweat is present. The handles also come with a convenient carrying bag for convenience and ease of transport. With the Spud Inc. Traveling Farmer Walk Handles, you can maximize your workout flexibility, even while traveling.


Pros & Cons


• Lightweight and portable

• Adjustable length

•High quality Construction

• Heavy duty handle grips


• Expensive

• Only compatible with certain bars

• Cannot be added to a power rack or equipment rack to save space

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

•People who want an adjustable farmer's walk handle

•People who travel often and need a portable product

•People who want to increase their grip strength and build core muscles

Who Should Not Buy:

•People who already own a stationary farmer's walk handle

•People who have limited room to store the product

•People on a tight budget


• Length: 6ft

• Weight: 28lbs

• Maximum load: 500lbs

• Diameter: 1.25”

• Material: Heavy Wall Steel

• Loadable Sleeves: 2”, Outside Diameter x 1.5” Inside Diameter

• Powder Coated Finish

ProductWeight CapabilityHandle DiameterPrice
Spud Inc Traveling Farmer Walk Handles2 x 45 lb1.9"$99.95
Rage Fitness Olympic Farmer Walk2 x 200 lb2"$149
Titan Fitness Farmer's Walk Handles2 x 150 lb2.15"$99.95
Rep Fitness FID Farmer's Walk2 x 220 lb25mm$119.99
Hardcore Fitness Heavy Duty Farmer's Walk2 x 200 lb2"$105

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