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Rogue SR-343 Replacement Cable

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Rogue SR-343 Replacement Cable

The Rogue SR-343 Replacement Cable is a professional-grade cable that allows for quick and easy installation and heavy-duty performance. It features a 7x19 construction for maximum durability, a 3/16-inch diameter jacket for added strength and protection, and a knurled steel handle for a secure grip. The length is 75 feet and is composed of 3/32" 7x7 galvanized aircraft cable for superior strength and flexibility. Additionally, it features a black oxide finish for improved corrosion resistance. The Rogue SR-343 Replacement Cable is suitable for outdoor and indoor applications and offers the highest tensile strength of any cable in its class. This robust yet lightweight cable can be used to secure a variety of items, such as cargo, vehicles, boats, and more in any weather conditions. It’s also UV- and abrasion-resistant, making it a reliable and long-lasting cable.


Pros & Cons


• Made of high quality steel cable for strength and durability

• Compatible with a variety of rigs and racks

• Can be used for a variety of exercises

• Adjustable for multiple weight and user heights

• Heavy-duty swivel and coating


• Assembling the parts for installation may be challenging

• Expensive compared to other options

• Requires special maintenance to keep in good condition

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• People looking for a high-quality, durable cable for their ROGUE SR-343 pull-up rig

• People who need a replacement for a damaged or worn-out SR-343 cable

• Gym owners and personal trainers looking to maintain their rigs

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who are not using or plan to buy ROGUE SR-343 pull-up rig

• Customers who are not familiar with SR-343 attachments/cables and their use

• People who are looking for a low-cost option for pull-ups and don't need the SR-343 quality or durability


• 3mm length

• Standard Factory-Supplied Cable

• Kevlar reinforced core

• Durable Low-Friction PVC jacket

• Available in Orange, Yellow, Blue, or Black

ProductPriceLengthMaterialJacket Diameter
Rogue Rogue SR-343 Replacement Cable$753.3’Conductive PVC5 mm
Rapco Horizon CABRAK-VGRA-033$543.0’20 AWG Conductor5mm
Planet Waves X2 RW-CT-06$19.996’20 AWG Matte PVC7 mm
Hosa CSS-103 Lava Series$14.983.0’20 AWG conductors6 mm
Planet Waves Classic Series$12.453.0’20 AWG7mm

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