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acks The Steel Bells Racks from Rogue Fitness are a series of professional-grade, commercial-grade racks designed for use in CrossFit gyms and fitness centers. This range of racks caters for an array of multi-functional setups, with models which can perform as Squat Racks, Spotting/ Dipping Racks, Pull Up Racks and Weightlifting Racks. For the frame construction, Rogue Fitness employs their industry-renowned 11-gauge 3″x3″ steel tubing. This provides the rigidity and strength needed to support a range of different weight lifting exercises in safety and comfort. The Steel Bells Racks are available in black, grey, blue and green powder coat finishes, to fit your gym’s colour scheme requirements. The Steel Bells Racks also feature a number of adjustable features. With an adjustable cap end, you can easily adjust the width and height of the rack to perfectly fit your needs. All racks come with J-Cups for storing Olympic weights and a user-friendly pull-pin system for quick and easy adjustments. In terms of extras, Rogue Fitness also offer foot-mounted weight storage horns and monolift attachments to help save time during exercises. For added safety, the Steel Bells Racks also come with a range of safety attachments, including spotter arms and safety straps. The Steel Bells range from Rogue Fitness is ideal for serious lifters who are looking for a robust, multi-functional solution for their home gym or commercial gym. With strong and reliable construction, adjustable features and a range of safety attachments, this range of racks is well-suited to heavier weightlifters who are tired of struggling to find adequate racks for their needs.

  • SteelBell - 10LB

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  • SteelBell - 15LB

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  • SteelBell - 20LB

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  • SteelBell - 25LB

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  • SteelBell - 30LB

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  • SteelBell - 40LB

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  • SteelBell - 50LB

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  • SteelBell - 75LB

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  • SteelBell - 100LB

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Pros & Cons


• Made of heavy duty steel for durability

• Designed to give an intense resistance training workout

• Improves range of motion

• Can be used in a variety of exercises

• Comes with color coded diameter bands for easy identification


• Expensive

• Heavier than other types of resistance training equipment

• Not easily portable

• Requires additional equipment such as a rack or squat rack

Who Should Buy

Should Buy

• Durable construction

• Comfortable design for full range of motion

• 7 weight increments for flexibility

• Great for fitness training

Should Not Buy

• Expensive

• Not recommended for beginner athletes

• May not be suitable for certain exercises


• SteelBells® are individually hand-shaped from premium quality steel

• The unique design features evenly spaced external ridges for a comfortable grip

• Each bell is capatible with both standard and Olympic-sizbedBars

• Available in 6 different sizes: 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 15 pounds, 20 pounds, 25 pounds, and 30 pounds

• Features a lathed finish on the handle and a bright chrome plated finish on the bell

ProductWeight RangeWarrantyHandles
Hyperwear SteelBells®5lbs - 40lbs2-YearErgonomically curved handles
Rep Fitness Slam Ball10lbs - 50lbs1-YearTextured "sandy" finish
ProsourceFit Slam Medicine Ball6lbs - 30lbs30-DayNon-slip textured surface
CAP Barbell Slam Ball10lbs - 40lbs180-DaySolosphn™ foam handles
Dynamax Medicine Ball2lbs - 30lbsN/AAlternating grip embossment

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