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Step Hurdles

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Step Hurdles

The Rogue Step Hurdles are a great piece of equipment for athletes looking to improve their speed and agility with a minimal amount of equipment. They are designed to quickly and easily set up, so athletes can quickly develop the skills needed for speed and explosiveness. The compact design makes them perfect for use in a home or at the gym, and they can be stored in a small area when not in use. The Rogue Step Hurdles are made of lightweight yet durable steel and feature a black powder coat finish to protect from scratches and wear. They feature adjustable height settings from 6-12 inches, allowing athletes of any skill level to get the most out of the equipment. The adjustable height also makes it easy for athletes to progress as they improve their skills. The non-slip feet provide a safe and secure platform when used on a variety of surfaces, including turf and track surfaces. The feet also ensure that the hurdles won’t slip on contact or move around while in use. The Rogue Step Hurdles are perfect for athletes of any skill level looking to challenge their speed and agility in a safe and effective way. They are a great addition to any home or gym and will ensure athletes can reach their peak potential.

  • 6" Step Hurdle

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  • 6" Step Hurdle - 5 Pack

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  • 12" Step Hurdle

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  • 12" Step Hurdle - 5 Pack

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  • 18" Step Hurdle

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  • 18" Step Hurdle - 5 Pack

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  • 24" Step Hurdle

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  • 24" Step Hurdle - 5 Pack

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Pros & Cons


• Stackable for easy storage

• Available in a variety of heights: from 6 inches to 42 inches

- Durable Construction with steel frame and rubber base

• Lightweight and easy to transport

• Various color options

• Versatile and can be used to target agility, speed, and coordination


• May require additional purchases for certain exercises

• Overly expensive for some budgets

• Not suitable for outdoor environments due to the metal frames

• Limited information regarding exercise regimes

Who Should Buy

Reasons for buying:

• Lightweight and portable

• Easy to assemble and disassemble

• Increases agility and flexibility

• Variety of heights to challenge different levels of fitness

Reasons not to buy:

• Not suitable for heavy-duty use

• Costly compared to other types of agility training tools


• Commonly made from either plastic or wood

• Each step is typically 6"-12" in height

• Commonly 4"-6" wide

• Can be adjustable or non-adjustable

• Some models feature removable steps

• Will vary in shape, size and material

ProductHeight OptionsMaterialNo. of HurdlesPrice Range
Powermax Step Hurdles9" - 12"Heavy-Duty PolyethyleneSet of 6$35 - $45
Athletic Connection Hurdles8" - 18"Heavy-Duty PolypropyleneSet of 6$50 - $80
Jaypro Quick Step Hurdles7" - 12"Heavy-Duty PolypropyleneSet of 6$45 - $75
Virtue Speed Hurdles6" - 9" & 10" - 18"Durable PVCSet of 6$45 - $65
Donaldson Speed Hurdles7" - 12"Heavy-Duty PolyethyleneSet of 6$35 - $45

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