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Stride Checker

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Stride Checker

The Stride Checker from Rogue Fitness is a fitness tracker that measures your maximum power and optimizes your daily step count. It features GPS technology and a unique algorithm to accurately assess your activity and effectiveness. The Stride Checker is lightweight and comfortable to wear with a minimalist-style design. It is water-resistant and adjustable to ensure proper fit and support. It also features an LED display that shows your power output and step goal in real-time. It pairs easily with iPhones, iPads, and Android devices for remote tracking and feedback. The Stride Checker offers detailed insights such as stride rate, stride length, and speed data for more in-depth analysis. All of your data is stored in the Rogue Fitness app, making it easy to review and compare your workouts over time. The Stride Checker is a great device for anyone looking to optimally track their fitness goals and progress.


Pros & Cons


• Durable and sturdy Construction to last through multiple uses

• Made of thick rubber material that’s slip-resistant and won’t collect dust over time

• Streamlined, minimalist design makes it easy to use

• Installs quickly and easily, without compromising stability

• Low profile won’t create distractions or obstacles in the training space


• More expensive than other stride checker models on the market

• Not suitable for heavier athletes, as it is not very stable when combined with additional weight

• Limited versatility, as it only works with smoother surfaces like wood, tile, or carpet

Who Should Buy


Who should buy this home gym product:

• Active individuals who want to measure their exercise intensity and develop their aerobic system

• People who are training for a specific event and want to track their progress

• Athletes looking to improve their performance by tracking their speed, distance, and time

Who should not buy this home gym product:

• People who are not looking to monitor or track their activities

• Individuals who do not plan to use the features provided by the product


-Max user weight: 300 lbs

-Power source: 4 AA batteries

-Stride length range: from 0 to 36 inches

-Easy to use LCD display

-Five built-in exercises

-Seven different countdown options

-Can be used for resistance training and cardio workouts

-Suitable for both beginner and advanced users


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