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Spud Inc Strongman Stone Strap

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Spud Inc Strongman Stone Strap

The Rogue Strongman Stone Strap is designed to make the often-tedious stone loading process much smoother, easier and safer. This strap is made from heavy-duty nylon with a nylon webbing fastener and a wide 28-inch strap length that can be adjusted with its 5-foot long pull end. With its heavy-duty construction and environment-friendly material, this strap is designed to be safe and reliable in any stone loading situation. The Rogue Strongman Stone Strap features an extra thick, ultra-wide material that expands further with each pull. This allows for stronger pulls, easier and safer stone loading, and greater control across the entire lifting range. The strap is equipped with a full-thickness webbing fastener, keeping the strap secured and locked into place when needed. Additionally, the fastener's elastic fabric helps take up slack and make the strap easier to attach and detach. The Rogue Strongman Stone Strap is an ideal choice for athletes looking to safely and securely load stones for strongman and strength-heavy workouts. Its adjustable length, durable construction and highly-flexible material make it an ideal choice for any strongman stone loading setup. With its strong, secure and supportive construction, this strap is designed to last and perform throughout any strongman workout.


Pros & Cons


• Made with a durable webbing material

• and 7 foot straps available

• Handles provide easy lifting and travel

• Suitable for use with strongman stones up to 300lbs

• Built-in steel D rings for attaching a buckle or carabiner


• Pricey compared to other products

• Stones not included

• Only suitable for strongman stones, not usable for other heavy objects

• Only available in 2 different sizes

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

•Strength and conditioning enthusiasts

•Athletes training for powerlifting competitions

•Anyone looking for a fun, unique challenge

Who Should Not Buy:

•Those with limited space in their home gym

•Those on a tight budget

•People looking for a conventional way to lift weights


• Features double stitching

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