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Stroops 77LB Son of the Beast Pro Kit

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Stroops 77LB Son of the Beast Pro Kit

The Stroops 77 lb Son of the Beast Pro Kit is an ideal choice for athletes looking to take their strength training and body conditioning to the next level. This set of eight resistance bands and two foot stabilizers will give you the incentive to take on any physical challenge. Whether you're an experienced bodybuilder, a strongman/woman athlete, or a weekend warrior who just wants more from their workouts, this is the perfect tool for you. The bands are made of high-grade latex, giving them the durability and longevity you need to get the most out of your investment. The bands offer a unique range of tension, making it possible to increase or decrease the challenging during your workouts. The set comes complete with a heavy duty metal storage rack, making it easy to store the bands aesthetically and in an organized manner. The two foot stabilizers give you the freedom to conduct your workouts anywhere you please, whether it's at the gym, in your driveway, or in the park. The only limitation to your training regimen is your own creativity. The kit also comes with a comprehensive training guide, offering an array of exercises to challenge yourself with. From pulls and presses to plyometrics, there's something in this set to enhance every part of your body. Whatever your goals may be, you can find the assistance you need to reach them. Overall, the Stroops 77 lb Son of the Beast Pro Kit is an exceptional set of bands and foot stabilizers that give you the support and flexibility to have a complete and effective workout. Heavy duty latex bands can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, while the storage rack and foot stabilizers make it an ideal choice for storage. With its range of tension, accompanying training guide, and portability, it's the perfect addition to any workout routine.


Pros & Cons


• Designed with commercial use in mind for long lasting performance

• Feature textured gripping surfaces for secure use

• Versatile range of exercises enabled by the kit

• Portable and easily stored

• Easy to customize with additional tools and accessories


• Expensive retail cost

• Components must be purchased individually

• Lightweight straps can be difficult to use for workouts requiring advanced core control

Who Should Buy

**For those who should buy the Son of the Beast Pro Kit:**

- High-quality suspension straps with sturdy and long-lasting anchor points

- Includes 8 handles and 8 adjustable straps for customizable workouts

- Durable and stylish design perfect for any home or gym

- Variety of exercises can be done with the kit, making it suitable for any fitness level

**For those who should not buy the Son of the Beast Pro Kit:**

- Kit is intended for outdoor use and may not always be safe to use indoors

- Kit is limited to 8 handles and 8 adjustable straps, making it not suitable for complex workouts

- Pricey for those not used to high-end exercise equipment


-Uses Slastix Resistance Tubes

-Includes four 25-pound Tubes, two 50-pound Tubes and one Stroops Core Resistance Tool

-Ideal for developing strength and power

-7 feet by 7 feet of open area needed for optimal performance

-3 resistance levels available

-Fully adjustable to fit user body size

-Additional LED lights and audio feedback available for interactive feedback

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