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Stroops Roll Out Ladder

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Stroops Roll Out Ladder

The Rogue Stroops Roll Out Ladder is great for athletes looking to sharpen their physical and athletic performance. The 10-foot-long ladder can easily be rolled out and laid flat for full body coordination and dynamic exercise. It is made of high-strength steel for durability, and covered with a non-slip vinyl surface for comfort, safety and sure-footed stability. The steel rods are evenly spaced at 8”, 12” and 18” intervals, and adjustable, twist-resistant rungs provide further challenge. A band anchor kit and heavy-duty carrying handles make this product easily portable, making it great for athletes on the go. The Rogue Stroops Roll Out Ladder can be used for a variety of training activities such as agility drills, jumping drills, running drills and footwork drills. Its adjustable nature provides an extra challenge, allowing athletes to increase their personal performance as they work their way through the levels. This product is ideal for athletes of all levels and abilities, perfect for personal training and sport teams.


Pros & Cons


• Portable and lightweight

• Provides flexibility and balance training

• Can be used for training different muscle groups

• Easy to roll up and store

• Offers multiple levels of difficulty

• Affordable


• May be too advanced for some users

• Needs to be stored carefully to prevent damages

• Must have efficient space to roll out ladder

• Difficult to use on surfaces that are not even

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those who want to work on coordination, agility, speed, and anaerobic endurance

• Those looking for a low-impact, body-weight workout

• Those looking to improve balance, core strength, and coordination

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who are not looking for a challenging workout

• Those looking for muscle-building exercises

• Those with limited space who need to work out at home


- Portable Design: Sturdy ladder folds up for easy transportation and storage in the trunk of a car with dimensions of 26” x 10” x 10”

- High-Grade Steel Construction: Welded steel cable and heavy-duty ladder components with chip-resistant powder-coat paint finish

- Versatile Ladder Lengths: Available in two standard lengths (9ft and 16ft) with optional extension

- Non-Slip Rollers: 3” high grade urethane rollers help hold the ladder in place during use

- Slip-Resistant Feet: 10” wide flexible rubber feet hold the ladder securely in place on any surface

Rogue Stroops Roll Out LadderSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3Similar Product 4
Made from military-grade tubular webbingMade from interlocking polyethyleneMade from heavy-duty nylon webbingMade from aircraft-grade aluminum alloyMade from heavy duty steel
Deploys in 2.5-10.5' lengthsDeploys in 3-15' lengthsDeploys in 3-15' lengthsDeploys in 5-16' lengthsDeploys in 4-15' lengths
Top step height of 0.5'Top step height of 0.5'Top step height of 0.9'Top step height of 0.75'Top step height of 0.55'
Bottom step height of 6'Bottom step height of 4'Bottom step height of 6'Bottom step height of 6.5'Bottom step height of 5.5'
Non-slip surfaceNon-slip surfaceNon-slip surfaceNon-slip surfaceNon-slip surface
800lb. pass-thru rating800lb. pass-thru rating1000lb. pass-thru rating1200lb. pass-thru rating1500lb. pass-thru rating
20" Width20" Width18" Width22" Width22" Width

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