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The 3x3 Mini Strip® 2.0

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The 3x3 Mini Strip® 2.0

The 3x3 Mini Strip 2.0 from Rogue Fitness is a high quality, low profile weight lifting accessory designed to help athletes increase their strength, power and stability. This versatile piece of equipment features a curved design, which can be used for bench pressing, tricep dips, push ups and a variety of other exercises. The heavy-duty steel construction ensures that this is one weight lifting accessory that is designed to last for years. The innovative design supports ideal body positioning for most exercises, allowing the user to maximize their stability and control during heavy lifts. The 3x3 Mini Strip 2.0 is equipped with a convenient handle for easy transport and storage. The product also features adjustable safety bars to provide users with increased protection while exercising at a high intensity. The stripped-down design of this weight lifting package offers versatility, while maintaining a relatively low profile. Made with a durable powder coated finish, the 3x3 Mini Strip 2.0 is perfect for today’s active and busy lifestyle.

  • 3x3 8" Mini Strip® 2.0

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  • 3x3 12" Mini Strip® 2.0

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Pros & Cons


• Compact and lightweight design

• Includes nine different resistance levels

• Built with durable plastic and rubber

• Easy to transport and store

• Includes door anchor for various workout options

• Comes with accessories such as a soft padded ankle strap and exercise chart


• Expensive compared to other mini strip versions

• Limited exercises available

• Stiffer design can be difficult to use

• Not suitable for heavy weight exercises

Who Should Buy

Reasons to Buy:

• Sturdy, space-saving design

• Easy to fold & store away

• Features lightweight aluminum construction

• Great for indoor or outdoor use

• Suitable for any gym set-up

Reasons Not to Buy:

• Pricey

• Not suitable for heavier weights

• Not adjustable for incline or decline exercises

• Not suitable for Olympic lifting exercises


-2” x 3” 11-gauge steel uprights

-17.5” height adjustment increments

-51” uprights (includes footplates)

-Integrated pull-up bar with knurling

-Five storage pegs per upright

-Optional (sold separately) Monster Rack attachment allows for multiple combinations with full-size Rogue racks

Rogue The 3x3 Mini Strip® 2.010-60V3 ft x 3 ft6500 Lumens
RGBplus+ Slim Par12-24V7.12 in x 5.12 in600 Lumens
Gamma LED CnC12V15 in x 15 in5000 Lumens
Apollo LED Strip 3000K24V393.7 in x 0.39 in2200 Lumens
Aeon LED Strip 6500K24V393.7 in x 0.39 in2900 Lumens

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