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The Bella Bar 2.0 - Cerakote - Closeout

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The Bella Bar 2.0 - Cerakote - Closeout

The Bella Bar 2.0 Cerakote Closeout from Rogue Fitness is a unique take on an Olympic Weightlifting Bar. Crafted from 195K PSI tensile strength steel and coated in Cerakote for an extra level of durability and texture, the bar features a classic 28.5mm shaft and aggressive knurl, along with a unique Bella pink sleeve finish that helps give it a signature look. An unknurled section of the shaft gives lifters the option of adding their own custom grip work and details. With dual IWF and IPF spec markings, and slight changes to the knurling, bearings, and sleeve finish, the Bella Bar 2.0 offers a one-of-a-kind weightlifting experience.

  • The Bella - Rogue Women's Bar - Cerakote - White Shaft / Black Sleeve

    8% off • Out of Stock



  • The Bella - Rogue Women's Bar - Cerakote - Yellow Shaft / Black Sleeve

    8% off • Out of Stock



Pros & Cons


• High-strength, heat treated steel Construction

• Cerakote finish for maximum durability

• Multi-Purpose designed for more than just Olympic Lifting

• Precisely grooved sleeve designed to reduce spin and increase stability

• Knurled to give an advanced, non-slip grip surfaces

• Ability to customize the bar with different colors and designs

• Compatible with International weightlifting competitions

• MM Grip Diameter for improved grip


• Limited availability due to closeout status

• Not recommended for cross training or powerlifting

• Only comes with regular Cerakote finish and limited customization (no black zinc or chrome)

• Higher price due to closeout status

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those looking to upgrade to an Olympic weightlifting bar with superior construction

• Fitness enthusiast who prefer a stainless steel barbell

• Anyone keen to get their hands on a unique looking barbell that isn't available anywhere else

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who are not interested in an Olympic weightlifting bar

• Those looking for a quick and affordable solution

• Anyone on a tight budget


• Barbell Length: 89 cm

• Barbell Weight: 20kg (Men), 15kg (Women)

• Knurl: Dual Knurl Markings

• Center Knurl: No Center Knurl

• Tensile Strength: 190,000 PSI

• Sleeve Coating: Cerakote

• Shaft Coating: Cerakote

• Bushing/Bearing: Bushing

• Made In: USA

ProductRogue The Bella Bar 2.0 - Cerakote - CloseoutSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
Knurl MarkDifferent Midway PointDifferent Midway PointContinuousContinuous
SleevesNo Whip FinishNo Whip FinishNo Whip FinishNo Whip Finish
FinishCerakote - CloseoutCerakoteBlack Zinc CoatingBright Zinc Coating

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