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The Castro Bar

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The Castro Bar

-platinum The Castro Bar Platinum from Rogue Fitness is a great choice for athletes and weightlifters who demand superior performance and outstanding durability from their workout bars. This competition-grade, powerlifting bar features a 28.5 mm shaft made from the highest grade of steel available. This steel is then tested for tensile strength and straightness to ensure the bar is incredibly durable and won’t bend or flex during heavy lifts. The boat-shaped shaft has a unique gunmetal finish and includes one set of durable bushing sleeves that are internally grooved to eliminate bar whip and keep the bar spinning smoothly. It also has knurling on the center of the shaft and at the ends, allowing a secure grip and more control over the bar during lifts. The Castro Bar Platinum is a full-sized bar with a total weight of 20kg, and a total length of 86.75”. It has been tested and certified to withstand up to 1,425 lbs. of weight, making it an excellent choice for powerlifters and any other strongman athletes who demand the best equipment for their workouts. This bar is great for athletes and home gym owners, with a superior build quality and a premium look and feel. Whether you’re lifting for competition or just for your own health and fitness, the Castro Bar Platinum from Rogue Fitness is an ideal choice to get the most out of your workout.


Pros & Cons


• Good for anyone open for a new gym experience due to its unique design and weight limitations

• Knurl on the bar provides better hand grip compared to most other bars

• Low cost compared to other higher-end bars

• High-quality steel used in the bar make it very durable


• Limited weight capacity compared to more expensive bars

• Requires specialized technique in order to lift the heavier weights

• Can't be used with Olympic lifts

• Only comes in one model so customization is limited

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy This Home Gym Product:

- Compact size allows it to fit in any space

- Durable steel construction and components

- Collars included

- Handmade in the USA

- Multi-purpose bar suitable for all levels of fitness

Who Should Not Buy This Home Gym Product:

- Price point is too high

- Doesn't come with weights or other accessories

- Limited availability outside of the United States


- Hand-Made in the USA

- Tensile Strength: 205,000 PSI

- Shaft Diameter: 28.5mm

- Finish: Black Zinc with Bright Zinc sleeves

- Whip: Average

- Loadable Sleeve Length: 15”

- Knurl: Powerlifting

- Center Knurl: No

- IWF Specification

- Compatible with 50mm/2” Olympic Plates

- IPF Approved

Maximum WeightBearing Type
Medaled - 1500 lbsBushing$295
2200 lbsBushing$540
2000 lbsBushing$450
1500 lbs9350 Bearing$279
1500 lbsNeedle Bearing$349

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