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The Composite Yoak

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The Composite Yoak

The Composite Yoak from Rogue Fitness is a heavy-duty trap bar, constructed from 2.5-inch composite steel and featuring dual knurled handles. Available in a variety of weight loads, the barbell allows athletes to safely perform deadlifts, shrugs, and carries. The barbell has two solid steel sleeves that roll smoothly, while the extra-long handles are wide enough to support a variety of arm sizes. Its precision-machined endcaps rotate freely, ensuring strength and safety with minimal maintenance. The composite steel construction ensures durability as well as reduced maintenance, making the bar ideal for both home gyms and commercial settings. Rogue Fitness uses double-coated protective black oxide finish on their Composite Yoak, preventing rust and helping reduce the wear and tear of your barbell. The bar is made of composite steel and it is cold-forged, which provides a noticeable resistance to bending. Its unique construction makes it ideal for powerlifting, Olympic lifting, general strength training, and more. The two knurled handles on the Composite Yoak provide enhanced grip and control, allowing the user to perform multiple exercises with confidence. Its elasticity also provides the user with a more natural feel, resulting in improved technique and increases in power, speed, and strength. Those looking for a heavy-duty trap bar that is built to last need look no further that the Composite Yoak from Rogue Fitness. Its solid steel sleeves, extra-long handles, rotational endcaps, double-coated finish, and composite steel construction make it an ideal choice for any athlete. With its heavy weight load, improved grip, and improved resistance to bending, the Composite Yoak is a top choice for athletes looking to increase their strength and power.

  • The Composite Yoak - Walnut - Total Package

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  • The Composite Yoak - Birch - Total Package

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Pros & Cons


• Durable Construction ensures a long-lasting piece of workout equipment

• Fun and varied workouts can be created with the exceptional versatility of the Yoak

• Compact size is perfect for any home gym

• Upgraded bar and frame are able to handle a variety of load weights

• Easy setup for where and when you need it


• More expensive than the average piece of workout equipment

• Heavy and cumbersome to move around

• Can take up a lot of space in a home gym

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• People who are looking for a versatile piece of fitness equipment

• Athletes looking to focus on compound strength training movements

• CrossFit aficionados who want an authentic CrossFit experience

Who Should Not Buy:

• Anyone who is a beginner in strength training

• Anyone who has limited space as the Yoak requires a large amount of space to use safely and effectively

• Anyone who is not willing to invest the time and resources to learn proper technique when using the Yoak


• Comes pre-drilled with lip reinforced hardware

• Made from light weight, yet strong, composite materials

• Design allows for more efficient paddling strokes

• Three sizes available: Regular (18” tall), Compact (17” tall) and Micro (15” tall)

• Compatible with all major kayak models

• Built-in water bottle holder and adjustable webbing footrest

• Easy to install and remove for storage

ProductWeight CapacityPaddock AreaShoulder GirthLeg Strap Girth
Rogue The Composite Yoak900 lbs5"53"45"
Eleiko Olympic Yoke680 lbs4"47"37"
Yolks by Moore Strength900 lbs4.3"43.3"43.3"
Rogue Echo Yoak900 lbs4.2"52"43"
Werksan Jumbo Yolk830 lbs3.5"44"37"

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