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The Difference Striking Pad - Monster Lite

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The Difference Striking Pad - Monster Lite

The Difference Striking Pad Monster Lite from Rogue Fitness is an exercise pad made for individuals looking to up their boxing game. The pad's main purpose is to allow you to practice strikes like punches, elbows, and kicks while also providing enough surface area to practice multiple techniques at once. It's designed with a durable synthetic leather shell, ultra-dense polyethylene foam core, and steel chain link suspension for maximum comfort. The striking pad also has a two-inch interior gap, providing ample room for larger athletes to practice their skills. Additionally, heavy-duty handles and reinforced stitching ensure the pad won't fall apart from fast, rigorous movement or intense use. A Monster Lite pad is also ideal for cardiovascular workouts and is lightweight for easy transport and storage. Additionally, the Monster Lite pad is dimensioned at approximately 21” x 26” x 6” and is available in black, gray, and navy. This striking pad is specifically designed for the needs of boxers, martial artists, and others who require a high-performance, lightweight workout pad. It's suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes, and its durable features allow it to withstand hard-hitting strikes, while its comfortable shape allows for maximum movement and control. Whether you're looking to sharpen your skills and perfect your technique, practice your striking power, or as a part of a great cardiovascular workout, the Difference Striking Pad Monster Lite is the perfect choice.


Pros & Cons


• Durable Construction – heavy-duty vinyl coated steel plate and ballistic nylon

• Variety of uses – can be used to practice striking and grappling, for physical therapy, and for fitness training

• Large diameter – suitable for hands and slinging kettlebells

• Multi-grip options – includes hands, forearms, and grip

• Comfortable cushioning – the pad is padded with 1.5” of anti-shock foam

• Built-in handles for easy maneuvering and storage

• Made in the USA


• Price – may be out of some users’ budgets

• Weight – heavy construction makes the pad slightly tricky to maneuver or store

Who Should Buy


Who SHOULD buy this product:

• Those looking for heavy-duty, lite weight equipment

• People who need equipment that can be easily moved from location to location

• CrossFitters and Fitness Enthusiasts

Who SHOULD NOT buy this product:

• Those who prefer to use body weight to train

• People who want a cheaper home gym option

• Individuals who only need basic equipment


- Dimensions: 20.5”x12”x4.5”

- Material: 1/4” mil-spec 1000 denier cordura on the top and sides and 15/16” closed cell foam center

- Multi-Layered Backing: 1/4” EPDM rubber, 1” LDPE foam, 1/4” XPE foam

- D-Ring: 1.5" Mil-Spec nylon webbing with 2 layers of 8oz vinyl

- Weight: 10 lbs.

Product NameDimensions (in)Weight (lb)Cost ($)
Rogue The Difference Striking Pad - Monster Lite13.5*13.5*2.515129
TDS Adjustable Boxing Pad17.3*10*8.715.456.9
Vertical Strike DuraKore Hand Target Pad13*13*1.7515133
Pro Impact Mitts Punching Pads14*7*6.51.817.5
Prism Fitness Winning Blast Round Shield27*3*276.497.8

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