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Grid 2.0 - Orange

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Grid 2.0 - Orange

The Grid 2.0 Orange is a versatile and sturdy foam roller designed to last a lifetime. The length of the roller is 36” and it is 5.75” in diameter. Constructed with a high-density foam core, the 2.0 orange version has a polyurethane plastic coating that strengthens its rigid structure. This helps to ensure that the roller can support your body during intense workouts. This product is designed to move two directions, the orange grid sections that cross in an X-shape provide a comfortable rolling experience suited for a variety of soft tissue techniques. These sections help to provide a firmer massage along with more control when obtained at different angles. The unique design of this product also makes it easier to store. Rather than one long foam roller, the Grid 2.0 Orange can easily fit in a drawer or closet. This product is suitable for both professional athletes and everyday athletes and is made from non-toxic materials. Overall, the Grid 2.0 Orange is an excellent foam roller that provides a comfortable roll for a variety of workouts and massage techniques. Its solid construction and small size make it a great choice for travel and storage. The X-shaped foam core helps to provide a firmer massage and more control when applying pressure at different angles, which is beneficial to all muscle groups.


Pros & Cons


• Durable and weather resistant design

• Increased portability over traditional alternatives

• Innovative mounting system for a secure grip

• Versatile compatibility with a wide range of fitness equipment

• Multi-positioning options for maximize versatility

• Lifetime wall guarantee


• Expensive compared to other gym mat alternatives

• Limited color options available

• Mounting hardware not included

Who Should Buy

Reasons for Who Should Buy:

• High-quality sturdy construction

• Perfect for athletes of all levels

• Durable, sturdy, and adapted for any exercise

• Feels comfortable while working out

• Value for money

Reasons for Who Should Not Buy:

• May feel too big for smaller spaces

• Not suitable for some exercises

• The price may be too high for some customers


- Orange foam roller

- 24" x 5.25" diameter

- 5 distinguishable body zones

- Environmentally-friendly EVA foam

- Non-slip surface

- Lightweight and portable

- Efficiently penetrates deep into the muscle layers

- Physical therapists recommend foam rolling to help relieve tension

- Water-resistant and easy-to-clean material

Trigger Point Grid 2.0 - Orange9 x 4 inchesOrange$29.99
Tiger Tail Foam Massager24 x 5 inchesBlack$23.99
Hyperice Vyper 2.0 Vibrating Foam Roller10.5 x 5.5 inchesBlue$99.00
Gon Bops Pro Massage Roller144 x 4 inchesMulti-colored$24.99
OPTP PRO-ROLLER Soft Density Foam Roller36 x 6 inchesBlue$34.95

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