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The Monster Cave

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The Monster Cave

-rig The Monster Cave Rig from Rogue Fitness is a versatile, durable, and robust training system designed to give athletes a wide range of workout options. The Monster Cave Rig includes an upright steel frame with six pull-up bars, a single split jerk block, and an assortment of attachments, such as weight storage, monkey bars, and a double dip station. The frame is constructed with 11-gauge heavy-duty steel for maximum strength and stability. It stands 12 feet tall, 7 feet wide, and has a 3-inch standoff. The upright steel frame is powder-coated black for ultimate protection from wear and tear. The adjustable 36-inch span pull-up bars and 32-inch span jerk block provide various gripping options to maximize your training session. The Monster Cave Rig comes with multiple attachments for more workout variety. The included weight belts, ball-and-ring traps, and battle ropes offer improved grip for a more complete workout. The double dip station, ab straps, and monkey bars provide extra training options and allow athletes to target the entire body. In addition, the Monster Cave Rig comes with Rogue Fitness's signature Infinity hardware, which offers full range of motion and total customization. Athletes have the freedom to arrange their rig however they want, depending on their needs. The Monster Cave Rig also comes with optional storage, so you can store your weights, plates, and equipment in a safe and organized way. Whether you're a professional athlete, CrossFitter, or just looking for a great home gym system, the Monster Cave Rig from Rogue Fitness offers it all. This robust and durable system is design to provide athletes multiple workout options without losing stability or durability. With an adjustable pull-up bar and jerk block, multiple attachments, and optional storage, the Monster Cave Rig is sure to give you a great workout each and every time.

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Pros & Cons


• Stable platform that can hold over 500lbs

• Versatile: can be used for a variety of exercise movements from pull-ups to squats

• Easy to assemble

• Fits almost any doorway

• hanging pulleys for a wide variety of exercise options


• Needs to be mounted to get the most stability

• Can be hard to take door off and on if needed

• Does not fit commercial-size doorways

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Those looking for diverse and challenging home gym workouts

• Individuals who are serious about strength and power

• Personal trainers and coaches who need a portable rig setup for clients

Should Not Buy:

• Those who are looking for a basic home gym setup

• Those on a tight budget

• Individuals without a strong commitment to a regular gym routine


-Durable frame constructed with 11-gauge steel

-Max load capacity of 1050 lbs.

-Height: 12'

-Width: 15'-6"

-Depth: 4'

-Bands Pegs to attach resistance bands

-100+ holes for j-cups & pull-up attachment

-Upright pull-up bar standard

-Handmade in the USA

FeatureRogue The Monster CaveCompeting Product 1Competing Product 2Competing Product 3
Connectivity: wired or wirelessWiredWirelessWirelessWired
Number of Players: solo or multi-playerMulti-playerMulti-playerMulti-playerSolo
Catacombs: how many levels5462
Difficulty Levels: how many and what are theyEasy, Medium, HardEasy, Medium, HardEasy, Medium, HardEasy, Medium
Enemies: number and type16 types8 types15 types10 types
Ability to customize levels and rulesetsYesYesNoNo
Power Sources: battery or AC adaptorAC adaptorBatteryAC adaptorBattery

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