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The Ohio Bar - Cerakote Special Pink Edition

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The Ohio Bar - Cerakote Special Pink Edition

The Ohio Bar is an Olympic weightlifting barbell available from Rogue Fitness. The Ohio Bar Cerakote Pink version adds specially formulated, scratch-resistant coatings to give the bar a vibrant and unique look while offering superior protection and enhanced gripping power. Made in the USA, the bar is built with strong, high tensile strength, 190,000 PSI-rated steel with an 28.5mm diameter and features grooved, medium-depth knurl marks with no center knurling, optimal for performing Olympic lifts. The bar has a loadable sleeve length of approximately 16.4”, and offers a smooth, reliable grip for Olympic lifting exercises and other weight training exercises. The bar also offers one of the highest tensile strength ratings in the industry; it has been tested up to 1,500 lbs., making it perfect for heavy lifters and PRs. The Ohio Bar Cerakote Pink has a light, bright pink color that is sure to stand out in any gym.

  • The Ohio Bar - Cerakote - Pink Shaft / Black Sleeve

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Pros & Cons


• Ergonomic 28.5mm, 190,000 PSI shaft

• Steel Olympic knurling

• Stiff, efficient flex

• Cerakote finish for improved durability

• Compatible with standard Olympic weight plates

• Slide bearings for smooth spin

• Range of eye-catching design options


• Limited range of sizes available

• More expensive than standard steel barbells

• Cerakote finish may be prone to scratches over time

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- High-quality barbell construction made of precision engineered steel

- Aggressive knurling pattern perfect for both powerlifting and Olympic lifting

- Multiple finish options and colors, including Cerakote PINK!

- Limited lifetime warranty

Should Not Buy:

- If you have limited space, this barbell is not collapsible

- If you are looking for a cheap barbell, this product may not be cost-efficient


-Designed and manufactured in Columbus, Ohio

-215,000 PSI tensile strength steel

-50.5" long, 28.5MM diameter, 45LB barbell

-Cerokote coating to protect from rust and imperfections

-No center knurl

-Bushing-style rotating sleeves

-Dual knurl marks for a variety of Olympic lifts

-Lifetime warranty

Rogue The Ohio Bar - Cerakote Special Pink EditionSimilar Bar 1Similar Bar 2Similar Bar 3
Diameter: 28.5mm28.5mm29mm28mm
Length: 86.5"87"86.5"93"
Tensile Strength: 190,000 PSI190,000 PSI210,000 PSI175,000 PSI
Knurl: Medium/AggressiveMedium/AggressiveMedium/AggressiveAggressive
Loadable Sleeve Length: 16.4"16.4"15.2"16.75"
Dual Knurl Mark: YesYesNoYes
PSI Rating: 190,000 PSI190,000 PSI210,000 PSI175,000 PSI

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