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The ORB Extreme

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The ORB Extreme

-fit-roller The ORB Extreme Fit Roller from Rogue Fitness is designed to replicate the most intense manual stretching and massage techniques, releasing tight spots and tight muscles to increase flexibility and restore your range of motion. The roller is built with a solid steel core, coated in a high-density foam. This foam allows for additional pressure to easily target those hard-to-reach trigger and muscle knots, while still providing a comfortable session. The roller is two-faced, with a smooth side for softer pressure and a grooved side for deeper massage. The rolling surface is wide for better overall coverage and for targeting more areas. This roller is designed to withstand the strong force of weight, making it an ideal tool for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to use in their workouts. It’s lightweight, with a portable size, making it easy to take it with you wherever you go. The ergonomic shape and design makes it ideal for any fitness level, whether you’re a beginner or experienced athlete. The durable construction ensures that it will last you for a long time. Get the ORB Extreme Fit Roller, and enjoy a moving, stretching, and massage experience to help you reach your peak performance.


Pros & Cons


• Highly portable for both transporting and storage.

• Easy to use multi-directional roller for all muscle groups.

• Great for relieving muscle tension and soreness, and speeding up recovery time.

• Can be used as a tool to increase flexibility, stability, and balance.

• Good for rehabilitation and physical therapy due to its versatility.

• Durable and made of quality material.


• Can be difficult to more efficiently target small muscle groups.

• Can be intimidating for beginners.

• Can be too vigorous for some people for certain areas like the neck.

• Can be a bit noisy when in motion.

• It is more expensive than other massage tools.

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

-People requiring a multi-functional training device

-Athletes looking for an adjustable, challenging way to work out

-Gym owners looking for unique equipment to stand out from ordinary gyms

Should Not Buy:

-Anyone without proper knowledge of how to use rowing machines

-People with limited space in their home

-People without plenty of funds to invest in expensive equipment.


- 46" x 46" x 44" Dimensions

- 8 ft floor surface

- Five expansion settings to increase/decrease intensity

- Support for over 100 exercises

- Two 115 lb dual-functioning hydraulic cylinders

- Skeleton-reinforced steel frame

- Padded cushioning

- Environmentally friendly, Hytrel elastomer bands

- Multiple grip positions for added comfort

- Easy-to-follow instructions included

- Weight (153 lbs assembled & packed)

- Color: Charcoal grey

WeightTypeProtection Level
4.5 ozMid-CutNOCSAE-Approved
2.8 ozLow-CutNOCSAE-Approved
7.5 ozHigh-CutNOCSAE-Approved
5.5 ozMid-CutNOCSAE-Approved

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