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Rogue C-68S Bar

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Rogue C-68S Bar

The Rogue C-68s Bar is a durable, reliable Olympic lifting barbell that is perfect for any athlete looking to increase their strength or improve overall performance. This barbell is designed with a 28.5mm diameter and features a classic knurling pattern, providing the optimal amount of grip for powerful lifts. The ends of the barbell are fully machined, reducing whip and providing an even amount of grip for each lift. This barbell also features dual knurl marks for Olympic and powerlifting. The shaft of the barbell is constructed with precision-grade steel, ensuring maximum rigidity and lasting performance. The tensile strength of the steel is tested at 218,000 PSI and features a 1500 lb. weight capacity, making this barbell an ideal choice for all types of lifts. The black oxide finish on the shaft offers additional protection against wear and tear. This barbell is designed to easily and securely hold weights, with a strong steel sleeve and UHMW composite bushings that are meant to reduce friction. Also, each barbell includes Rogue’s signature “C” logo, ensuring authenticity. With all of these features, the Rogue C-68s Bar is the perfect barbell for any athlete looking to increase their strength and improve performance.


Pros & Cons


• Knurling is 20% deeper than other Ohio Bar models

• High grade 211,000 PSI tensile strength steel

• Durable Corrosion resistant black oxide coating

• Precision sleeves with no side to side wobble


• Not compatible with many Olympic weightlifting accessories

• Does not have protective sleeves for loadable weight sleeves

• Not spin tested for smooth Olympic lifts

• Price may be too expensive for some budgets

Who Should Buy

Who should buy:

• Athletes looking for a high-quality Olympic lifting bar

• Gym owners looking to add a reliable piece of equipment

• Home gym enthusiasts looking to invest in a durable barbell

Who should not buy:

• People who are looking for a starter bar

• People who are looking for an affordable bar


- Length: 68”

- Steel: 28.5MM 190 PSI Tensile Strength

- Tensile Strength: 190 PSI

- Knurl: Medium depth Olympics knurl with center knurl

- Knurl Marks: Dual-marked IWF

- Shaft Coating: Black Zinc

- Sleeve Coating: Cerakote® Black/Red Sparkle Blend

- Sleeve Length: 16.4”

- Loadable Sleeve Length: 13.75”

- CoG (Center of Gravity): 12.6" from end of the sleeve

- Weight: 20 kg / 44 lbs

ProductLengthWeightFishing Application
Rogue C-68S Bar6'8"12.75ozJigging / Casting
HIROGear Wise-CAST 562J5'6"11.59ozJigging & Casting
HIROGear Croop-CUT 62J6'2"12.2ozJigging & Casting
Gosen Deps G-Hold B63ML6'3"8.4ozJigging & Light Lure
G.Loomis NRX 1508-27'0"3.4 ozLight Jigging /casting

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