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Rogue C-70S Bar

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Rogue C-70S Bar

The Rogue C-70s Bar is a high-grade weightlifting bar built to satisfy the needs of even the most experienced athlete. This bar is made from high grade steel and features a black zinc coating to provide superior durability and added protection while lifting. The knurling pattern on the C-70s Bar is medium-aggression, offering athletes the right amount of grip to help them perform their best. This bar has 28.5mm diameter grip shaft with no center knurling, making it great for Olympic Weightlifting as well as a variety of other functional fitness movements. The C-70s Bar also features an aggressive 7ft weighlifting barbell design, perfect for a variety of lifting movements including squats, deadlifts, bench presses and a wide array of other functional fitness movements. The barbell is accompanied by dual knurling marks which are positioned an Olympic-standard 25.4mm from the center of the bar. The bar also features multi-tempered alloy steel shafts and bushings, designed for a smoother, more consistent spin for all your Olympic lifts. Overall, the Rogue C-70s Bar is suitable for athletes of any level and is built to last. Its black zinc coating provides superior rust and corrosion protection, while its 28.5mm grip and 7ft design make it perfect for Olympic lifts. It's sure to be a great addition to your home or gym, providing you with years of reliable performance.


Pros & Cons


• Features center knurling and two powerlifting marks

• Made in the USA from proprietary materials

• Dual knurling with smooth steel sleeves that allow for quick loading and unloading

• Advanced Olympic knurling for even and balanced grip

• Aggressive knurl for superior bar control without sacrificing comfort

• High production value Construction for better performance and longevity


• Price is higher than other barbells

• May be too aggressive for certain uses, such as high-repetition Olympic lifting or CrossFit style workouts

• Some people may still find the knurl abrasive even with adequate wrist wraps

• Limited availability due to high demand

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those looking for a bar with a higher carbon-steel tensile strength of over 205,000 PSI

• Weightlifters looking for standard knurling

• Those wanting a classic bend

Who Should Not Buy:

• Weightlifters needing high grip knurling

• Those with a preference for aluminum or stainless-steel bars

• Those with a desire for a higher weight-capacity


- 700-pound static weight capacity

- 190,000 PSI tensile strength

- 28.5mm diameter, 220,000 PSI tensile strength shaft

- Multi-Letter etch groove each 25mm

- Black Oxide shaft with Bright Zinc Sleeves

- Snap Ring construction

- Micro-Knurling

ConstructionFretsScale LengthNeck Width
Yamaha FGX800CDreadnought2025.3"1.69"
Luna Guitars TattooSpruce/Mahogany2025.0"1.69"
Ibanez AC240Solid Mahogany2025.5"1.69"
Fender CD-60SCEDreadnought Cutawy2025.3"1.69"
ProductConstructionFretsScale LengthNeck WidthPrice
Rogue Rogue C-70S BarSteel2025.6"1.69"$229.99
Yamaha FGX800CDreadnought2025.3"1.69"$269.99
Luna Guitars TattooSpruce/Mahogany2025.0"1.69"$379.00
Ibanez AC240Solid Mahogany2025.5"1.69"$548.99
Fender CD-60SCEDreadnought Cutaway2025.3"1.69"$299.99

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