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Rogue Freedom Bar - 25MM

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Rogue Freedom Bar - 25MM

The Rogue Freedom Bar 25mm is a sure-footed choice for weightlifters and powerlifters of all levels. Crafted from long-lasting, high grade steel with a black zinc shaft and stainless steel collars, the bar is remarkably strong and reliable in any situation. Its strong, 25mm diameter shaft is designed to resist massive amounts of weight, while its zinc finish ensures rust-resistance and a long lifespan. The barbell has dual knurl marks on the center knurl and aggressive outer knurls with a smooth, medium depth to make sure that any amount of weight is easily held in place. Its aggressive knurls also make it perfect for performing squats, presses, deadlifts, cleans and Jerks. The bar contains needle bearings that allow for smooth and efficient rotation, reducing the risk of injury while providing ample barbell spin on each lift. The bar is designed to be ideal for both powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting, allowing athletes of any caliber to find success in their lifts. Lastly, the bar features a lifetime warranty and is built for the long haul. With its high grade steel construction and dynamic design, the Rogue Freedom Bar 25mm provides a reliable, consistent and dependable foundation that any weightlifting enthusiast can depend on for years to come.


Pros & Cons


• mm diameter for a better grip and larger loading capacity

• Patented split center knurling pattern for a secure grip throughout the lift

• Rated for 250,000+ PSI tensile strength

• Multi-coat finish helps to repel chalk and oils for increased longevity

• Fits most racks and rigs for added versatility


• Not suitable for Olympic lifting movements like the snatch since it is not a true Olympic bar

• Steep price for the average Consumer

Who Should Buy

Reasons to Buy:

• Durable construction – The Rogue Freedom Bar is made with 205k PSI steel which provides consistent whip and quality engineering for maximum performance in Olympic Lifting

• Knurling – Aggressively knurled with dual markings for Olympic lifting and Powerlifting to allow for different levels of grip strength

• Copper Sleeve Technology – Pre-loaded copper bushings provide smooth, precise rotation with minimal maintenance

Reasons Not to Buy:

• Price – The Rogue Freedom Bar may be outside of some people's budget

• Use – People who are not interested in Olympic Lifting or Powerlifting may find no use for this specific barbell


- 25MM diameter

- 190K PSI tensile Strength

- 4 Hardened Bearing Sleeves

- Bronze Bushings

- Snap Ring Design

- Single Knurl Marks

- Dual Knurl Marks (center-outer)

- 1020 Carbon Steel Construction

- Black Zinc Finish

- Loadable up to 1,000lbs

Bar BrandWeightLengthKnurlKnurl Depth
Rogue Freedom Bar - 25MM20 Kg2200mmAggressiveAggressive
Rogue Ohio Power Bar - 29MM20 Kg2200mmAggressiveModerate
American Barbell Mangalitsa Light Bar - 28MM15 Kg2080mmModerateShallow
Vulcan Strength Competition Hybrid Bar - 27MM20 Kg2200mmModerateDeep
Wright USA Powerlifting Bar - 29MM20 Kg2200mmAggressiveAggressive

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