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The Steel Vise

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The Steel Vise

? The Rogue Steel Vise is a versatile tool designed to provide stability and durability when mounting pull-up bars, plates and other gear to the wall. The steel construction gives the vise an extremely strong grip, while its patented design ensures maximum rigidity and compression. With a 2-inch solid steel rear wall stiffener, ½ inch pull up bar anchor insert and 12-gauge steel cover plate, the Rogue Steel Vise gives you complete support and stability for all your fitness gear. The knurled handle makes installation and removal quick and easy and the 4-inch wide steel base provides a secure grip to the wall. The vise also features a convenient level adjustment knob in the base to easily shift from one side to the other providing even weight distribution. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the Rogue Steel Vise will give you ultimate convenience and peace of mind for all your pull-up bar and plate needs.


Pros & Cons


- Heavy-duty Construction with 5000 lb. capacity

• Adjustable loading pins and numbered reference markers for consistency

• Four adjustable angle settings

• steel construction

• Includes convenient carry handle and mounting bolts for easy attachment


• Expensive upfront cost

• Heavy and not easily portable

• Angles and loading pins can be difficult to adjust

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy

• Serious athletes or gym-goers who regularly lift heavy weights

• People who want to safely expand their training capabilities

• Professional weightlifters who need a heavy-duty piece of equipment

Who Should Not Buy

• People who are just starting out in weightlifting

• Those on a budget who don’t have the money to invest

• Home gym enthusiasts who don’t need a piece of professional-grade equipment


• Sturdy steel frame

• Standard 5" Jaw opening

• Painted finish

• 6" Capacity

• Serrated Jaws for a Superior Grip

• Threaded Cross Handle for Additional Turning Power

• Can be Mounted with Extra Anvil for Even More Clamping Power

ProductLengthJaw OpeningThroat DepthWeight
Rogue The Steel Vise14 in4.25 in2.75 in26 lb
IRWIN Vice10 in4 in2.5 in36 lb
Yost 8 in. Utility Drill Press8 in3-5/16 in4-1/4 in20 lb
IRWIN 450R 6" Multi-Purpose Vise6 in3-3/8 in2-3/4 in20 lb
Bessey 6 in. H-Style Pipe Vise6 in3-3/8 in2-7/16 in18 lb

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