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Theragun Wave Duo

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Theragun Wave Duo

-performance-therapeutic-massager The Theragun Wave Duo Performance Therapeutic Massager is a powerful massage tool that offers relief and rejuvenation at the same time. Its innovative design uses a combination of percussion, vibration, and oscillation to improve circulation, soothe tight muscles, and reduce fatigue. This device is suitable for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are looking for non-invasive, targeted massage to aid recovery and keep them in peak performance. The Wave Duo is designed to penetrate deep into the soft tissue and muscles with three distinct massage heads. The standard head offers up to 60 Hz of high-amplitude oscillation to help reduce lactic acid build-up and tightness. The Wave Duo’s Point Relief head has an 11mm amplitude and up to 30 Hz of oscillation for targeted, deep massage that can be used to loosen knots and release tight muscles. The Adaptive Mapping head is designed for a percussion massage that gives you relief and stimulation all at once through 2200-2700 strokes per minute. The Wave Duo is also ergonomically designed with a handle that fits naturally in your hand, allowing you to maneuver it easily and comfortably while in use. Additionally, the adjustable speed allows you to customize the intensity of your massage, so you can start slow and increase it as needed. To ensure convenience and portability, the Wave Duo also comes with a travel bag, and an app that gives you access to personalized programs. Overall, the Rogue Fitness Wave Duo Performance Therapeutic Massager is a highly effective massage tool for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Its combination of percussion, vibration, and oscillation makes it suitable for stimulating deep tissue and providing relief to tight muscle areas. Additionally, the ergonomic design, easy portability and adjustable speed makes this device one of the most highly recommended on the market.


Pros & Cons


• Powerful and effective percussion massage tool

• Innovative Wave Duo design for two synchronized massage heads

• Quiet and durable motor

• Features 6 adjustable speeds and 6 adjustable intensity levels

• Easy to use once set up

• Ergonomic handle for comfortable use

• Long lasting battery with up to 8 hours of use

• Includes a range of attachments for targeting specific muscle groups


• Pricey compared to other similar products

• Can be difficult to set up and use at first

• Heavy and bulky

• Can cause discomfort if used incorrectly or impatiently

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

-If you are looking for a high-quality muscle therapy device to relieve pain

-If you are an athlete looking to effectively stretch and loosen tight muscles

-If you need help quickly recovering from a strenuous workout

Should Not Buy:

-If you are looking for a massager that can reach deep into tissue

-If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a massage gun

-If you are looking for a massage gun that is lightweight or portable


• Two high-amplitude Professional-Grade Motors

• Power output of 60 lbs.

• Ergonomic, industry-first Duo Timing System

• Unique Synchronized Vibration Technology

• 275-3300 percussions per minute

• 55 dB Noise Level

• Portable and lightweight

• Two hours battery life

• Free app with smart device

• Smart Alert™ Sensor Technology

• Intuitive Touch Screen


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