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Schiek Tommy Kono Knee Sleeves

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Schiek Tommy Kono Knee Sleeves

-2-0 The Tommy Kono Bands Knee Sleeve 2.0 is a lightweight and breathable knee support ideal for weightlifters and athletes alike. This design features two densely constructed bands running along the entire length of the sleeve, along with a velcro-secure cross closure to provide a secure and snug fit. The sleeve is crafted using a combination of breathable neoprene and nylon fabric to provide a supportive and compressive feel without compromising durability. The Tommy Kono Bands are designed to be anatomically correct, offering flexibility and stability to help keep your knee joints in line with your movements. The improved design of the sleeve has a texture on each side of the material that eliminates shifting and bunching for added comfort during activities. The sleeve is available in sizes ranging from XS to XL. With its light and breathable design and secure fit, the Tommy Kono Bands Knee Sleeve 2.0 is perfect for any weightlifter or athlete looking for additional support and stability during their workouts.

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Pros & Cons


• Made of durable material

• Predrilled holes around the kneecap for added ventilation

• Supports knee and maintains heat for better recovery

• Offers compression for relieving tendinitis and arthritis

• Multi-patent technology to provide maximum compression

• Non-slip design for better fit and stability


• Price is relatively high

• Longer models may be difficult to put on

• There may be a learning curve to put on correctly

• Initial break in period may cause discomfort

• Too much compression may cause circulation issues in some people

Who Should Buy


• Athletes who need extra support for their knees during exercises, such as squats, lunges, leg curls, or plyometric training.

• Individuals who are looking to prevent knee injuries or need extra support during recovery from an existing injury.


• Individuals with severe ligament injuries should look for a brace or splint that offers more support than a knee sleeve.

• Individuals who are looking to improve circulation as the kneeling band is designed primarily for compression and support.


-Designed to give a snug, comfortable fit to help reduce muscle fatigue

-Made with 7 mm neoprene and reinforced stitching

-Internal anti-slip-grip dots for added security

-Unisex design

-Can be utilized for a variety of activities

-Available in 7 sizes ranging from XS to XXL

-Elastic ends keep sleeves in place during lifting or training

-1 pair of sleeves per package

-Stays cool and lightweight

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