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Torque Fitness Tank Weight Horns and Stacking Kit

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Torque Fitness Tank Weight Horns and Stacking Kit

The TORQUE Fitness MX Weight Horn Stacking Kit is a versatile equipment solution for any commercial gym looking to maximize their space. Coming with four rubber-coated weight horns and a weight rack, this kit allows for the easy stacking of a wide range of rubber-coated plates. The horns evenly distribute the weight across a large surface area, providing support and stability while lifting. The heavy-duty steel construction of the weight rack ensures that the plates remain secure during transport, while the protective powder-coat finish prevents rust and corrosion. The pre-located holes also make it easy to add additional weight horns and plate storage, making the rack even more robust and effectively doubling its storage capacity. The easy-to-clean surface makes post-workout maintenance a breeze. The TORQUE Fitness MX Weight Horn Stacking Kit is an excellent choice for any commercial gym looking to increase their storage capacity while increasing their versatility.


Pros & Cons


• Easy to assemble

• Versatile for a variety of weight training exercises

• Compatible with other weight horns

• Enhanced safety with its ergonomic design

• Cup holders included for convenience


• Expensive

• Large in size, may not be suitable for small gyms

• Not stackable and takes up extra storage space

• May require additional weight plates not included

Who Should Buy

Reasons Who Should Buy:

• Customizable and expandable weight storage solution

• Quality construction, both visually and mechanically

• Ability to store a wide range of barbell sizes and weights

• Perfect for Olympic barbell set-ups, both with and without plates

• Can accommodate additional attachments or accessories

Reasons Who Should Not Buy:

• Price tag may be too much for some budgets

• Does not accommodate standard-size barbells

• Not suitable for any other type of fitness equipment

• Must be secured to the floor for proper use, which may not be possible for every situation


-provides Olympic plate storage and storage plate horns

-4 pieces included: (2) weight horns, (2) locking receivers

-Package weight: 44 lb

-Compatible only with Torque Performance Racks

-Made of 11 gauge, powder coated steel

-Maximum load of 240 lb per weight horn

-Includes 5 year manufacturer's warranty

Product NameWeight CapacityCompatibilityHeightWidthDepth
Torque Fitness Tank Weight Horns and Stacking Kit400 lbsCompatible with Torque Fitness Tank Racks only2"3"10"
Body-Solid GWSH weight Horns400 lbsCompatible with GPR378, GPR378R, GPR378D and GPR378RK Racks2.625"3.75"10"
Deltech Fitness Standard Olympic Weight Horn500 lbsCompatible with DWB/100 Series2.75"3.75"10.5"
Usa Sports by Troy Olympic Weight Plate Horn500 lbsNone2.75"4"8"

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